How I (Almost) Got A 4.0 GPA This Semester

"I skipped class to write a paper for another class. This is college."

Getting a 4.0 GPA means a lot to our dignity and future employers. It sounds crazy, but our GPA defines us as college students. It illustrates who we are as a person, whether we're hardworking, lazy, scholarly, or a stickler for perfection. As long as I'm paying for college, I know I'm gonna get the highest grades I can achieve. Following these tips should help you be motivated for the spring semester, and hopefully score you a 4.0:

1. Get your a** to class.

It's as easy as it sounds, just go to class. You'll be surprised about what you learn even if you don't pay attention 100% of the time. Taking notes will help you in the long run (even if their sloppy) and they make class go by much quicker. Buy some colorful highlighters to stay organized and neon gel pens (they're fun for occasional doodles when you get REALLY bored.)

2. Try not to take really early classes.

I'm telling you from experience, I was half asleep in my 7:30am classes (which I had four times a week.) Although I did well in them, I found it easier to concentrate with later morning/early afternoon classes.

3. Make your studying entertaining.

I swear by Quizlet. You can make a free account online and download the app on your phone to study when you're on the go. They have flashcards, games, and mini quizzes so you can check on your progress while kind of having fun (also makes cramming much easier.)

4. Stay on top of the syllabus.

My first semester freshman year of college I missed way too many deadlines. Most likely, your professors are not going to remind you that you have a project due next class. This will keep you on top of all your tests and assignments. Constantly check your syllabus, it's your best friend.

5. Get to know your professor.

This is college. There is no such thing as a "teachers pet". You don't have to ask them on a date (awkward), but show your professor you care by emailing them, asking questions, or going to office hours. This could maybe score you an extra credit assignment (maybe.)

6. Get friends who are focused.

Your friends in college are going to be around you 24/7. If you get a group of friends who are just as motivated as you, your more likely to do better and have a weekly Starbucks date, too.

7. Study outside of your dorm room if you can.

Studying in your peaceful space is never a good idea. Go to the library, Starbucks, computer lab, or just anywhere outside (weather permitting.) USA Today says that studying outdoors can decrease stress, increase concentration, and give your health a boost.

8. Take care of your mental health.

College can be a life changing and a really stressful time for the average person. About 41% of college students suffer from anxiety and 80% admit to daily stress according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It is normal to feel this way so be sure to take a break sometimes. Go out with some friends or take a break from the work and watch Netflix all day.

9. Use available resources.

The library, your professor, or even your lab partner is there to help. You're paying to be at this institute, you might as well take advantage of it.


Try to have a daily routine so everyday goes almost the same. Calendars, planners, or even little sticky notes can be great gentle reminders. Try your hardest to start the assignment as soon as it's assigned. Most importantly, if you know you have a lot of work to do over the weekend, don't be afraid to say "NO" to going out.

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