4 Things New England Patriots Haters Say

The New England Patriots are one of the greatest dynasties of all time throughout sports. Their greatness shouldn't even be questioned, but like all great teams, they have their haters. Most of the people who hate on the Patriots are some of the most uneducated people on the planet, and just state "facts" that just simply are not true. So I am here to set things straight for them. Here are some of the idiotic statements that these people tend to state and why they are wrong.

1. The Patriots are cheaters because they were the only team videotaping other teams.

Yes, the Patriots did get in trouble for videotaping. However, it wasn't that they were videotaping the other sidelines, it was where they were doing it from. The rules didn't allow teams to videotape other team's sidelines from the field. You were, however, allowed to videotape from the press boxes. And if you believe that this gave them a huge advantage compared to a press box, you are a fraud. Anyone in the entire stadium could take a camera, point it at the sideline and get the same footage that the Patriots got.

2. Tom Brady broke his phone, so he's guilty.

This comment makes me the most angry. Do you people not understand that all records of text messages are available online? Additionally, Brady and his lawyer brought the texts to the commissioner after he had been given his suspension and he turned them away, saying that it was too late. On top of that, if you read the Wells Report and look at the texts between the two people in control of the ball pressure, they never once talked about deflating the ball under the legal limit. They said that they had to keep it at the minimum pressure. Also, a 12-year old was able to prove that if the balls were at the legal minimum or slightly above, due to the cold temperatures during the game, the balls would have gone below the legal limit. Also, this whole thing is over deflated footballs that had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. It's not like he had performance-enhancing drugs show up at his door and they were "actually for his wife." Wait, that happened to some other quarterback who also likes putting balls on athletic trainer's foreheads. This is never talked about, but I'm gonna let it slide.

3. "Tom Brady is a product of his offense," or "Tom Brady can't throw a deep ball."

Once again, both of these statements could not be anymore false. The offense around Brady has changed around him, based on the personnel he had around him at the time. And guess what? He still dominated the league, no matter who he had. When he had Randy Moss, he was able to throw the ball deep because he actually had a deep threat. Last year, his best deep target was Brian Tyms. If you are looking at this name, wondering who is he, you just proved my point. All you need to know is that he couldn't catch feelings for Beyonce, not to mention a pass, and he does not know how to run a route correctly.

4. "The defense won Brady all the Super Bowls he has."

In the first two Super Bowls the Patriots won, he led game-winning drives as time expired, so you're wrong there. In the Super Bowl game versus the Eagles, he threw for 236 and 2 touchdowns. And against the Seahawks, Brady had the greatest 4th quarter in Super Bowl history against one of the best defenses to ever take the field. They were down by 10 to start the quarter, and he threw two incompletions, going 13-15 for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns. That's better than some quarterbacks could do in a game versus that Seattle secondary. Sure, Butler made the interception, but Brady made the plays to give them the lead. Also three Super Bowl MVPs, and the 4th MVP went to a wide receiver who he happened to be throwing to. You could actually make the argument that the defense is the reason that they lost two Super Bowls, seeing as they let a mediocre Giants offense drive down the field twice to beat them in the Super Bowl.

So go ahead and hate the Patriots, the fans and Tom Brady. Continue watching your team for 8-8 and get bounced from the playoffs due to poor quarterback play and a lack of composure (that's right, I'm talking to you, Pacman Jones and Vontaze Burfict). Continue hating on the greatest quarterback of all time, because I highly doubt you will ever see some win for as long as he has. If you guys want a team to hate, go hate the Ravens. They employ murderers, play dirty, cry when they lose, cry when they win (e.g. Suggs said the lights went out in the stadium during the Super Bowl because Goodell wanted them to lose) and Joe Flacco sucks. Patriots Nation will always be here with the facts to defend Brady and the Patriots, so keep hating, NFL.

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