If you live, work, or even if you have driven through Tuscaloosa, AL there are bound to be a few questions that come to mind when doing so. In a city that is also a major university town, these questions are going to go through your head at least a few times a day.

1. Why are there so many bars?

2. Yet, there are so many churches?

3. How on earth do all these people fit in this little town?

4. Why does the CVS sell kegs?

5. And why is it on the flashing sign for everyone to see?

6. Exactly how many apartments can one fit into a square mile?

7. What is this place called Taco Casa and why are there six in the same city?

8. Does every street begin yet also end at McFarland?

9. Why are there only, like, two ways to get to the interstate?

10. Why is every road a one way?

11. How is campus full of people walking yet has so many cars?

12. Is Nick Saban also the President of the university?

13. Why don't people go to class when it rains?

14. Is there a fire code for a university? Because I think we have surpassed it.

15. Why are there so many red lights?

16. Why don't people know how to drive here?

17. Why don't people use blinkers, or I don't know, yield?

18. Why are things so crowded?

19. Is there a restaurant I can go to without waiting?

20. Why is Target always sold out of everything I need?

21. Why is there no decent bagel shop?

22. Are four Starbucks, all within five minutes of the other, really needed?

23. Why is there never any parking on campus?

24. Why did I just see someone get pulled over on their bike?

25. Why do girls wear their t-shirts to their knees?

26. Why don't restaurants have more designated parking?

27. Why are there so many different places to eat?

28. Why do people say roll tide so much?

29. Why is there a mental hospital on a college campus?

30. What is all this construction for?

31. Will it ever be finished?

32. Why don't I ever see the construction workers actually working?

Last but not least,

33. How does one school manage to have 16 national championships in one sport?