20 Tell Tale Signs You Grew Up In Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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20 Tell Tale Signs You Grew Up In Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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20 Tell Tale Signs You Grew Up In Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Everyone always has mixed feelings about their hometown, and for me, I definitely fell into the category of "don't know what you've got, until it's gone." Fort Walton Beach is an absolutely great place to grow up in, but there's definitely some stereotypes that go along with it...

1. Saying "I live where you vacation" is the worst/best Instagram caption there is

Because vacationing for you means driving somewhere north of Florida to visit relatives who, *gasp*, don't live in paradise.

2. Yardbird's is everyone's favorite fast food restaurant, and if it's closed, Whataburger will do just fine

Except everyone knows that Yardbird's is anything but fast food (be prepared to wait 10+ minutes in line to all you prospective tourists reading this).

3. It's not really fall until it's Fort Walton/Choctaw week

The third most competitive high school rivalry in the nation--Fort Walton Beach High School's Vikings vs. Choctawhatchee High School's Indians. You know that saying, "Fall means football in the south?" That's exactly what this week is all about. (#VAKA)

4. You know better than to try to go to Destin at 5 o'clock on Friday nights during tourist season

Unless you wanna sit on the island for over an hour in traffic, 10/10 would not recommend.

5. You complain that there's *never* anything to do here even though it's a top destination area in the United States

Okay but all y'all locals know that unless you're going to the Destin Commons or chillin' at the beach, there really isn't that much to do.

6. You consider anything below sixty degrees to be absolutely FREEZING

...okay maybe that's just me lol

7. Your family is divided between Buffalo Reef's fans and Buffalo Wild Wings fans

It's more controversial than the 2016 presidential election.

8. You groan internally every time there's a wreck on 98

Even if you live in town it STILL adds an extra 10 minutes to your drive home.

9. Why is there only one Chick Fil A in THE most inconvenient part of town???

Like really. Might as well drive to Africa and then try to park in the smallest, busiest parking lot in the world.

10. Senior Skip Day means Senior Beach Day

Except beach days are really just about every day, or just whenever you feel like going.

11. You've been to Disney World at least 20 times since you've been born

You've got a collection of Mickey ears stashed in a closet or attic somewhere.

12. Literally every single SEC college is represented here

Bama? LSU? Ole Miss? Auburn? Any and all of the others? Don't worry, you'll see someone running around town sporting your team in some sort of fashion or another.

13. You always say that you wish you lived right in Destin, but you're secretly so glad that FWB only gets like half the traffic Destin does

The quiet/coziness of Fort Walton makes getting up and driving to Destin every weekend and every day during the summer pretty much worth it.

14. You can't really explain what Billy Bowlegs is, but you celebrate it anyway

Oh you don't just casually keep a pirate costume in your closet? Well either way we'll meet you at Crab Island on Saturday, don't forget to bring the beer

15. If you and your teachers don't follow each other on Twitter then wyd??

@tarheelwilliams I better get a shoutout for this

16. You brag about where you live to all of your college friends

Because there is no such thing as enough satisfaction from hearing them say how much they want to come home with you for Spring Break.

17. You suffocate every time you first get into your car during the summer

Eye's watering? Makeup melting? Face turning red? Coughing? Barely grasping your steering wheel because it's literally too hot to even touch? No you're not descending into the depths of hell, you're just trying to drive to Publix to get some fried chicken for dinner.

18. You feel bad for anyone who lives in Navarre or Gulf Breeze because getting up that early for high school sounds like the apocalypse

A moment of silence for all those who made that drive all four years of high school.

19. You hate that the Island and Destin is getting more and more commercialized as the years go on

Tourists, understand that to you this might just be a fun family vacation spot where you can do what you want, say what you want, and drive however you want, but to us, this is our home. We live here year round, and we treasure it more than most probably imagine. So the next time you leave your trash on the beach, or you're rude to some high school or college guy carrying your beach chairs out to you, or you cut off a local in traffic, remember that you are a guest, and your actions reflect not only your family, but your entire state and where you come from. Most people make their living off of the tourism industry here, but we are still a community and a home for people, too. We still value our local culture and you should, too.

20. You couldn't imagine being from anywhere else

There's just no place homier than home.

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