35 Things All UNR Students Do
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35 Things All UNR Students Do

You're definitely a current or past member of the Wolf Pack if you've done these things.

35 Things All UNR Students Do

As the semester is coming to the end, I decided to reflect on moments all Nevada students have.

1. Admire our beautiful campus

From the Honor Court to the hill behind the PSAC, campus always has peaceful spots to appreciate. Just this week I've seen purple, white, and pink trees and that's nice to look at considering there are barely any where I come from. I am happy I go to a school that embraces all the seasons and that definitely brightens my mood.

2. Reroute your way to class due to construction

In February the PSAC (yes, it's PSAC not SAC) finished construction, thank god. Just kidding, time to start the Great Basin Hall construction to replace White Pine. By the way, there are seven projects in construction right now and four in design so you will probably be rerouting your way to class until you graduate.

3. Pretend to text someone or not know English when walking past people in front of the Joe

There is no way to go around the Joe so you have to come up with 'I'm late to class" or "I have no money." These are almost always true considering we are college students, but inconveniently never during the times someone at a booth wants us to sign or buy something.

4. Check yourself out in the Jot Travis windows

Thanks for being useful especially on windy days. You also do this with the Fitzgerald building, don't lie. The trick is looking at your reflection without people noticing.

5. Fear the geese at Manzanita Lake

The lake is their turf and the geese make it known each time anyone walks by. If they aren't honking at you, they are glaring and just that makes you feel uncomfortable. I never knew small animals could intimidate college students so much.

6. Crossing the quad even when it's muddy when you are late to class

Even if class wasn't starting in a few minutes, I would not go all around the quad to get where I need to be.

7. Get imaginative with your DC creations

Get fries from the grill section, chili from the soup section, and cheese from the salad bar or sandwich station depending on what cheese you like. Melt in the microwave and add hot sauce or sour cream (between the grille and pizza bar) if you want!

8. Struggle to balance the DC to go boxes with your chin

When you have to get your wolfcard out or open the door, your neck suddenly disappears. Maybe I should bring a bag next time.

9. Trashtalk UNLV

The amount of times I've heard jokes like "Drew a stick figure so I got my architecture degree from UNLV..." There is this one girl on my floor who has the UNLV logo taped to the bottom of her trashcan so when she throws out any garbage, it belongs with UNLV. Not even joking.

10. Forget the football hype after homecoming

That was cool and all but I'm warmer and more interested watching the basketball games coming up.

11. Get annoyed trying to navigate around Nevada Bound

Not only do they turn lunch into a two hour meal with the never-ending lines but if you get stuck behind them you're done for. They have never heard of single file and spread out everywhere, blocking everything. But then again, that was you a few years ago.

12. Get excited that the DC is bringing the good food out for Nevada Bound

Okay maybe there is an upside to Nevada Bound. Bring on the gnocchi, macaroni and cheese, and other edible food the Downunder Cafe rarely has.

13. Drive to Tahoe after Friday classes because you can

In the warmer months, head to the rivers or Pyramid and Doner lakes to swim, fish, or kayak. In the winter, grab your skis or snowboard at Mt. Rose or Diamond Peak. Either way, you're enjoying yourself with an amazing view.

14. Attend Wolf It Down Midnight Pancakes or the "All you can eat" Greek food events

The long lines are so worth it because you get free food, time to hang out with your friends, and meet a bunch of new people. Rule one of college is go to all the free food events or ones that offer good deals. What's to lose? You have fun and staying up with the rest of the Pack will definitely be a moment to remember.

15. Appreciate the ASUN scoring celebrities to come speak/throw on concerts

Renowned speakers such as Bill Nye, Laverne Cox from :Orange Is The New Black," and Daymond John from "Shark Tank" have shared their knowledge and ideas with us. I especially enjoyed seeing R.J. Mitte from Breaking Bad talk and share his experience with us. G-Eazy (pictured above), Wacka Flocka, Dustin Lynch, Big Sean, Timeflies, Diplo, and other musical artists have performed at our campus.

16. Go to class freezing and come back sweating

How about both? Students will wear sweatshirts and gloves in the morning and change into T shirts and shorts by the afternoon. It is common Reno will have a snowfall and two days later, the flowers are blooming. Don't you just love that Nevada weather is always bipolar?

17. Add something to or just look at the Grafitti stairwell in Church Fine Arts

This is a hidden but very popular spot on campus that every student gets around to visiting. You have gone with friends, taken pictures, or just admired the art of other students that covers the whole stairwell.

18. Buy something at the Wolf Shop only during sales

For Touchdown Tuesdays, there is an additional 5 percent off your purchase for each touchdown scored at a home game. Can't pass that up. You wanted to spend all your money the first time you visited the wolf shop but you ended up being smart and waiting until the end of the year sales and discount events like these.

19. Complain about the limited parking

You would think that paying $200 a semester that you would find it somewhat easier to park. With enrollment increasing and the allowance for freshmen to have cars, parking difficulty will only increase. Students take up to 40 minutes to find a spot which causes them to be late to class as well as frustration. First the Whalen parking garage was taken away from students then the meters students were using are now taken up by the E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center construction. In 2013, UNR officials said that they would not be expanding parking for at least ten years. Thanks a lot fam.

20. Offer something to Mackay near the end of a semester

Students pay homage to John William Mackay by offering his statue most commonly an empty alcohol bottle, sports drink can, or coffee cup. This tradition that goes way back is for students to provide what helped get them through studying for finals in hopes of getting Mackay's blessing to do well on finals.

21. Avoid the freshman fifteen

Our campus is one of hills, stairs, and turns so we burn all our calories off just by walking from class to class. Freshmen 15? More like freshmen walk 15 miles.

22. Make a midnight walk to the DC store because curly fries

Can I get a god bless? Thank you DC for serving this amazing creation. Maybe I haven't tried other curly fries in a long time, but these are so freaking good. If I have extra swipes, I will most likely be using them on these for a study snack or post midnight snack since I am always in the mood for them.

23. Smile at the fact that the KC allows food

Students are spending long hours in the library and it is really convenient that they don't have to pack up their stuff for lunch to eat outside then come back and resume studying. They can multitask and use some brainpower every once in awhile, right? Just make sure you aren't the annoying kid who slurps and chew with your mouth open, disturbing the peace.

24. Wish the KC and Lombardi were open 24/7

First you have class then more class then work then dinner then homework. With barely any time in your schedule, it's hard when you have to fit study hours in or be rushed with your workout. If the hours were even extended a few more, then there would be less people trying to work out or study at the same time and jobs would be created.

25. Try to coordinate an animal-themed outfit as well as a sports-themed outfit because you don't want to change twice Saturday night

There is a "Anything But Clothes" party and a Toga party after. Drape a bed sheet then add a leaf crown while going to the second party. Ta-da! Laziness is a skill college students master which leads us to become very creative so there you have it.

26. Eat sushi at least once a month

Drive around town and you will find a sushi place, most likely an all you can eat sushi place, at the end of each corner. Maybe it's the price or maybe it's a trend right now, but getting sushi is one of the top five things UNR students like to do.

27. Use your extra swipes to feed your upperclassmen friends

Yes, there is two tiny cereal bowls and milk we can swipe out for but that is not worth the money paid for one swipe. It's not a 5 star place to eat at but it has a range of food and will save your friend from having to cook one night. You get to enjoy a friend's company and realize you should be more grateful for the DC since next year you will most likely have to feed yourself three times a day, every day.

28. Wait so long in line for coffee that your class is over by the time your name is called

It's not that Starbucks and Bytes have slow service, but that the lines are always never ending. Like Lombardi, there is never a time period that is ideal and less crowded. With over 20,000 students and faculty at UNR and only two coffee places located at the most popular buildings, it makes sense why there is a holdup. Plan to go at least half an hour for class if you want to be able to enjoy your drink and not rush to class.

29. Miss the DC after freshman year most when you have to cook each time you want to eat

Most off campus college students opt for sandwiches, frozen meals, or boxed pasta and jarred sauce for their meals. After work, class, and extracurriculars, the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is buy food, prepare it, and cook a decent, healthy meal that will take a few hours. Your mind flashes back to when you and your friends were complaining about the DC, and now you regret not realizing how great the convenience and options were.

30. Wait for the shuttle for up to an hour if you live off campus

Future off campus students: the shuttle does not come every 15 minutes. If a student living in off campus student housing wants to get to class on time, they should wait at the shuttle stop for at least half an hour before class starts. This sucks especially during winter and it's snowing or even raining. Maybe the driver is slow, the students take to long to get on and off, and everything gets backed up. All I'm hoping for next year is that there will be an additional shuttle for transportation, considering the incoming freshman living off campus and the new Summit Sterling student housing. The system right now will not be enough to run efficiently and get students to class.

31. Suffer the daily overcrowding in Lombardi

Our student population is bigger than ever and with only one gym open, it definitely gets busy trying to move around Lombardi. Just the time it takes to navigate between people slows down your workout time and someone else could have just taken the equipment you were going to use. Now you have to wait and may not have the time to complete the routine you wanted to. The E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center is more anticipated than ever.

32. Walk through the KC when it's cold

I did this almost every time I was walking to my 8am and it was snowing or really windy outside. This includes walking through the Joe to get to Lombardi or walking through Raggio, coming from Cain. No matter how many layers you wear, it doesn't hurt to warm up inside a heated building.

33. Get stuck in the new Pennington Student Achievement Center revolving door

I don't really understand the purpose of having a really slow revolving door, but anytime I go to PSAC I always see two people smash their face into the door. Either they aren't looking up from their phones and just keep walking or they assume the door isn't going to sporadically stop. When it does stop, students stop too and don't realize the revolving door is motion activated, so they just stay there looking confused. It's okay, you'll get there.

34. Counting walking up and down Cain stairs as leg day

Has anyone actually counted how many stair steps campus has? There's the Ansari stairs, Scrugham stairs, and the stairs behind the PSAC. At least your butt and thighs will be more toned and tightened!

35. Last but not least, hang out on the quad

Especially during springtime, a lot of students will throw a frisbee around, practice some yoga, eat lunch, study, or just hang out with friends on the quad. It's the heart of the campus where everyone can get together and enjoy the environment.

Some of these may be annoying and some of these may be pleasantly nostalgic, but I know I experienced these things on a campus that I love. Can't wait to be back next semester!

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