11 Struggles All UND Students Understand

1. “You guys are the fighting hawks now, right?”

We will always be the Fighting Sioux, despite the fact that the school is painted in the Fighting Hawks logo.

2. “That’s the school in Fargo, right?”

No. Do not compare UND to NDSU, we are not the bison. We are better than them and would like to never be compared to them. Thanks.

3. Wishing UND had tunnels connecting all of the buildings.

This whole frost bite and wind burn on my way to class really isn’t my thing.

4. Getting stuck at a train almost every single day.

There is a good chance the train will stop in the middle of the of the tracks at 42nd and Demers. If you haven't felt like Haley from Modern Family while stopped at the tracks, clearly you haven't experienced it enough.

5. Having to put all your winter clothes back on after you took them off when you got to class.

Like don’t get me wrong, winter can be pretty here, but the whole -20F plus wind chill to 75F class temp change can make you feel like your body is fighting a war you just can’t seem to win.

6. The wind makes the walk to class treacherous.

ND is pretty dang flat, expect high winds and the chance that you might lose your hat or get wind burn on your way to class.

7. There is not much to do in Grand Forks.

Weekends around here consist of partying, hockey games, and going downtown.

8. Budget cuts.

Cutting more sports teams and yet continuing to make renovations to the school and continue to plaster the new logo all over. Something doesn’t add up here.

9. Parking tickets. They are handed out like candy here.

I swear parking services just lurks in the shadows waiting to catch someone who doesn’t have a parking pass or someone who is in the wrong zone.

10. The smell of the Coulee.

If it smells like something died outside, chances are it’s the coulee.

11. Never having class cancelled due to weather.

There was one time they closed the entire campus because of the snow. That will probably never ever happen again. Hopefully you have 4 wheel drive.

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