3 Takeaways From A Stellar Week Five
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3 Takeaways From A Stellar Week Five

Week five packed a lot of action. Here's what you need to know.

3 Takeaways From A Stellar Week Five

Week Five promised a great slate of games and did not disappoint. This was actually the first week I sat down and watched college football from kickoff at noon all the way until the end of the Notre Dame-Clemson game. It was a long day, but a great day. Here’s a few things to take away from Week Five.

Big Ten Powerhouses Survive Scares

At least once a week, one of the top-ranked teams in the country is on upset alert. This week however, we saw two teams, both from the Big Ten, squeak out a win against non-ranked opponents. Ohio State narrowly avoided an upset at the hands of the Indiana Hoosiers. The Buckeyes were able to persevere and win thanks in large part to Ezekiel Elliot, who had 274 rushing yards and three touchdowns in the contest.

What’s worse is that IU was using a backup for most of the second half and was still able to hang around. I understand that teams have off weeks, but Ohio State hasn’t come close to resembling what they were last year. They still remain at number one in the polls, but after seeing Michigan State drop a couple spots after surviving 20-17 against Purdue, I think Ohio State should’ve dropped as well. Cardale Jones has to improve. Period. Elliot won’t be able to carry them all season and it might not be long until Urban Meyer pulls the plug on Jones and brings in J.T Barrett, who was putting up Heisman numbers in the regular season in contrast to Jones’ struggling during his regular season games.

Unexpected Blowouts

Since the departures of Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer, Florida Gators football hasn’t shown much to cheer about. Now they’re back and ready to prove the doubters wrong. They were able to wallop the third-ranked Ole Miss Rebels 38-10. The Gators have a special talent in defensive back Vernon Hargreaves III. He’s the best corner in the conference and arguably the best in the country, and he proved it Saturday by shutting down arguably the best receiver in college football, Laquon Treadwell, despite being three inches shorter.

I think Florida might have the best defense in the SEC and their best play is yet to come. Everyone (including myself) was ready to declare the Rebels as the favorites to win the SEC, and that Georgia could make t’s way to the SEC Championship as well. That was before I watched these games. Alabama absolutely dominated Georgia, winning 38-10. Heisman trophy candidate Nick Chubb still did his job however, rushing for 146 yards and a touchdown. This was a statement game for Alabama’s Derrick Henry. Henry reminds me of former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, listed at 6-3 242lbs. He rushed for a season-high 148 yards and three touchdowns. Don’t count Alabama out yet, they’re too good of a program to dismiss at his point with so much football left to play.

Jared Goff continues to perform

Many NFL scouts and mock draft experts have California quarterback Jared Goff continues to perform, throwing for 390 yards and four touchdowns against Washington State. I think California is a force to reckon with in the Pac-12 and is my dark horse to win the Pac-12 over USC or UCLA. In the latest mock drafts, Goff is projected to go number two overall to the Chicago Bears. Unless the Bears make the decision to cut ties with Jay Cutler, I don’t think that’s where he’ll land.

Goff has been compared to the likes of Aaron Rodgers. I think the only reason people are comparing Goff to Rodgers is because they both went to Cal. Goff’s incredible ball placement reminds me more or Tom Brady. Not a great athlete, not a great arm, just first class accuracy. They enter week six ranked 23rd in the country, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Goff lead them to a top 10 ranking by the end of the season.

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