25 Pick-Me-Ups
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25 Pick-Me-Ups

For when every day feels like Monday.

25 Pick-Me-Ups
Allyson Foutty

We all have those days. You know, the ones where you just feel like something is off. You don't quite feel like yourself, it feels like the most killer Monday even if it's Thursday. Maybe it is sunny outside, but it is gray in your world. The day could be described as: Meh, Blah,or Ugh.

Our world is full of depression, anxiety, and bad days. Fortunate are those who do not see these things often. Some see these kind of days more than others. Whether it is mental health, a rough patch, or a nonstop schedule that shows no achievement, something has got to give... right? We all find ourselves feeling like we are a dartboard and the rest of the world is throwing darts, and we just want to crouch in the corner and let the darts hit us until it is all over.

After a few rough patches and plenty of bad days, I have found one thing that gets me through and has shown me the brighter side of life, and that is to find the joy in the little things. Sure, it sounds like it should be painted in dainty handwriting on the side of a coffee cup. I find that pick-me-ups are something to look forward to or they can be a surprise boost in the day. Instead of worrying about the day or focusing on feelings, it is important to focus on the moment now. Pick-me-ups are good because they help you focus on the now and give you a little kick to get on with your life (literally.)

1. Call your mom, your long-distance best friend, your grandma, your brother or someone you want to hear from.

2. Give someone a much-needed hug.

3. Tell someone, even if it is over text, what you really love about them and how they have brought you happiness.

4. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or tea.

It helps to keep five bucks in your console for days like this.

5. Put away your homework, cellphone, or whatever is stressing you out and watch an hour's worth of your favorite show.

Really, everything can wait.

6. Clean your room, car, or desk to burn off steam and give you that feel-good clean feeling.

7. Cook something healthy but hearty.

8. Go for a drive. Listen to your favorite music or let yourself process your thoughts with just the sound of the wind.

9. Get one of those insanely sugary slurpees from the closest gas station. The happiness outweighs the calories on this one.

10. Write down your stresses. For each stress you write down, write something you are grateful for.

11. Go for a walk in a park.

Hopefully you will be surrounded by dogs, children, or power-walking moms — all people full of endorphins!

12. Laugh at funny Vines... No, really, go laugh at funny Vines.

13. Find some good quotes or scripture and doodle them in cute colors to post around your room and bathroom.

14. Pray. Pray to let go of the stress, bring positive thoughts, and to remember why you love this path of life. If you don't pray, meditate into some peaceful thoughts.

15. Go outside.

Whether it is below zero, 100 degrees and humid, or raining, go outside for a few minutes. Fresh air is good for you.

16. Get up and walk around. Six steps resets your brain!

17. Stretch out your muscles.

It might be strange if you are in public or wearing dress clothes, but even minimal stretches will make your body and brain feel better.

18. Drink some ice cold water. And then drink some more.

A lot of lethargy comes from dehydration.

19. Tense every muscle in your body one by one until you are one big ball of tension, hold it for as long as you can, and let it go.

20. Take a nap.

21. Put on your favorite outfit. Dress well, feel better.

22. Light some candles and take a bath.

23. Exercise.

Even if that means walking around Target.

24. Listen to some good music.

Middle school throwbacks will always get you feeling some type of way.

25. Surround yourself with people you love.

No one's pity party of one ever turned into the best day ever.

Whether you need heart-warming, laughter, or encouragement, there has got to be something that can get you through right now. Who controls your mood and day? You. We cannot always control our emotions, but we can control the effort we put forth to change the situations we face in this stressful life. Bring small joys to yourself and be grateful for them.

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