2020 As Told By One Direction
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2020 As Told By One Direction

2020 described through the charming lads of One Direction.

2020 As Told By One Direction
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One Direction is arguably one of the biggest and most iconic boy bands to ever exist - especially in this era. They dominated the charts, won many awards, took over Twitter like nobody's business, and ruled the lives of teenage girls everywhere. The best part about it was they didn't even have to try. They literally just sang and were themselves, which was the best part about them. Their authenticity and talent drew people in.

I, myself, am a MASSIVE One Direction fan and have been since they basically started as a band. In fact, this July will be the ten year anniversary of the formation of One Direction. Crazy to think 10 years ago these boys charmed their way into our hearts. So, with talks of a reunion or ten-year project coming up, I decided to dedicate an article to them.

Here is 2020 described by the greatest boyband!

When 2020 first came around


I don't know about y'all but I was super excited for 2020. I thought it would be an AMAZING year. On New Years I was celebrating and dreaming of what this year would bring. If we had only known what 2020 had in store. I was hoping for the Great Gatsby aesthetic of the roaring 20's, not the economic crash of it.

When January ended


When January ended, I was in shock - as we all were with everything that happened during that short month. So many terrible things were thrown at us full force. I had a strange feeling that was a tone set for 2020. However, I was hoping that the next months were going to be okay or normal; no surprises. well, that was not the case.

When we first heard of COVID-19


I hate to admit it but many people I know including myself, took the coronavirus as a joke in the beginning. I did not think it was serious whatsoever and went forward with my life. I was sure it would go away soon. I literally thought that we would be back at school no question after spring break.

When everything shut down


After COVID really hit, it was a wake up call. This was serious and it was ruining everyone's lives. Every plan was cancelled and everything had been shut down. This wasn't going away anytime soon. Also, now the only people we can see are the same people for months... I love my family but after week 6 of being cooped up, things were tense. I got annoyed at the literal drop of the hat.

The new eating habits


Forget the freshman fifteen, I think we all might be feeling the COVID thirty. Seriously, I have eaten more now than I have in forever. It's like all we can do is binge TV shows, sleep, or eat our hearts out. At this point I don't know if I can differentiate between boredom and hunger. All I know is I need to hit the gym HARDCORE as soon as possible.

Maxing out the screen time on our phones


Speaking of bingeing, quarantine has led us to use our phones and watch TV an increasingly significant amount. My screen time before all this averaged around 3-4 hours now I hit up to 7 or 8 hours weekly. In our defense besides work (which requires screen usage as well), there is not much to do except read, watch movies, or use our phones. At least binging Netflix passes time in this horrible never-ending year.

When you physically cannot be productive anymore.


If quarantine hasn't stolen the light inside of you at least once, please tell me your secret. I have been at my rock bottom multiple times during quarantine. There have been days where I literally did not want to get out of bed; let alone work. It didn't matter what you asked me to do, my answer would be no. Quarantine has drained me of any motivation, productivity, and sometimes joy. It's okay if you feel the same, we are all experiencing the same emotions on different levels.

When you and your quarantine partners need space


I don't care how much you love someone after being cooped up together 24/7 for more than a month, you're bound to get annoyed with one another. Space is definitely necessary and understandable at that point - especially for parents and college students. College students go from being with their friends and doing their own thing to being back at home. Home feels like a high school setting, you have to remember the rules and not make too much noise when you're up late. Your parents wonder why you are up late and inevitably, get up late. All of our sleep schedules are wack. Then, for parents, they get used to not having this kid, or in a few parents cases, any kids around to one around all the time. They hog the TV, eat all the food, lowkey can be moody, and are up until the sun comes up. It's quite a bit of an adjustment and by week five everyone wants space. The very breath someone breathes could be cause for an attitude on both ends.

Missing our friends and the outside world.


Practicing social distancing and quarantining ourselves when you have many friends, and even family, you want to see - it is hard to stay away when you miss them terribly. That is the literal worst part of all of this; not seeing any of my friends since forever ago. I miss them tons and wish this stupid thing could be over so I can see them again.

When we finally get to hug our loved ones again.


I am giving everyone the world's biggest hug when this is over. I am not a physical touch type of person and even I feel deprived of physical touch. Like I need to hug my friends and family. That is a huge first for me because I don't ever really crave to hug anyone. Besides my nephew, he is the BEST hugger ever. When I can finally see everyone again I am giving out free hugs.

Well, as you can see quarantine has been a trip. Hopefully, this will end sometime one day. I cannot wait too live life normally again and see everyone whenever.

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