17 Reasons Why BG Is Better Than UT
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17 Reasons Why BG Is Better Than UT

Not that we really need a comeback, but it's sort of a given.

17 Reasons Why BG Is Better Than UT

There has been a long and well-known rivalry between BG and UT. So of course when we saw a list of ways Toledo was better than our alma mater, we had to have some fun with it.

1. The truth behind tuition.

According to UT's website, tuition is actually around $19,366 per year, while BG is only paying $19,102 per year.

2. Scholarships.

Every school is actually completely different when it comes to calculating high school GPA and ACT scores into scholarships. So no worries!

3. The Falcon best.

Here in BG, we love our beloved mascots, Freddie and Frieda. From Falcon Friday to just being there when you need them. Even State Farm agrees!

4. No words can describe our campus' beauty.

We couldn't pick just one.

5. Conveniently our water is clean.

Really glad your buildings are closer together, that makes it easier to know where to drop off some clean water for you.

6. Since we're talking about colors...

Brown and orange are the colors of fall and the Cleveland Browns. Blue and gold seem to represent something different...

O-H? I-O!

7. Longevity.

Who ever said older was better? From the looks of it, UT had a rough time managing to stay open as a university and had some other problems to deal with. While BGSU has been open ever since being founded in 1910. So who is the real winner here?

8. Ay Ziggy Zoomba.

We can't hear you over our Mac Championship win from last year.

Also, if you have checked the news recently, you'll also see we've beaten two Big Ten schools.

9. More to do.

You say there's more to do in Toledo, but why do you have to come up here on weekends to have a good time? BG must know something about throwing some pretty rad parties.

10. Fake Out.

BGSU students enjoy checking our facts before posting anything untrue. Guess we can't say the same for UT.

11. Dorms.

While all of our residence halls may not have air conditioning, at least ours don't look like prisons.

12. Dining Halls.

I think there can be an agreement that all dining halls have their good and bad days, but then again, we can still drink our water. Yes, that’s a big deal and should be said twice.

13. What are your values?

Here in BG we value our safety. Then again, we don’t really have to worry about it here as much as UT does. I mean in Toledo you have 1 in 97 chance of being a victim of a violent crime, while BG, on the other hand, you have a 1 in 600 chance of being a victim. I like those odds.

14. BG is family community.

When going uptown in BG, it is like a friendly home away from home. You can sit at your regular table at Grounds for Thought with a good book while you talk to the barista majoring in metal works. Not to mention if you go to the same places long enough, the store owners start to know you by name. I guess UT can’t say anything considering they live in the second most miserable city in the U.S.

15. The arts community is out of this world.

Where else can you find somewhere where you can take glassblowing on campus? There is so much diversity that even non-art majors can enjoy. Can you Arts X?

It's basically stellar.

16. Get it to the Greek.

We love our Greek community! Let them tell you about the new houses they're getting in 2016.

17. BG gets down to business.

As in, we have one of the top-ranked business colleges! We have one of the highest rates of graduation, finding paid internships and putting you on the path for the job of your dreams! I can’t hear any more of the UT negativity over the awesomeness of all of our business organizations, professional fraternity, and the entrepreneurial masterpiece that is The Hatch.

More than likely, your boss will be a BG business college graduate.

There you have it! All of the reasons to count your lucky stars that you get to call yourself a falcon! Of course the list could keep going, but we want future Falcons to live it with us. Go forth and enjoy all of the beautiful things Bowling Green has to offer.

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