13 Things That Come To Mind In A Group Fitness Class
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13 Things That Come To Mind In A Group Fitness Class

Working out in a group is great, but sometimes my outrageous thoughts take out over my workout.

13 Things That Come To Mind In A Group Fitness Class
Brittney Butler

After trying, and failing, many times at trying to work out by myself, I began taking group fitness classes hoping that they might be able to help me keep up my fitness goals. After my first class at my local YMCA, I completely fell in love. The classes I take regularly now range from Zumba to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The community behind these classes make for the perfect combination of motivation and competition for the perfect workout. Here are some of the things I think almost every class I attend.

1. It’s finally time for me to get in shape.

I’ve been putting off working out for the longest time. Going to class one time is going to give me abs of steel, a Kim K booty, and arm muscles that all my friends will envy. That’s how it works right?

2. This class is packed.

Where can I stand where the least amount of people can see me? I’d rather not embarrass myself in front of all of these fit looking strangers. Who knew this many people would want work out at one time?

3. Why is everyone so happy?

The instructor has so much energy and it’s so early in the morning. I don’t even have that much energy after my three cups of coffee. Everyone is talking to each other and I feel like a buzzkill over here in the corner.

4. Wow, I actually have to move for this to work.

I thought maybe I could just move side to side and nobody would notice, but it looks like everyone is pretty in sync. This isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, I’m actually sweating already. There’s no faking it.

5. How could doing a workout for this short of a burst do anything for me?

The intervals are only 30 seconds long? I can do anything for 30 seconds. OK, wait, no, I was wrong. How does this plank last this long?

6. That girl is dying over there.

Is she working harder than me? She’s just so fit. Even if I went to the gym every day I don’t think I would look like that. Time to start trying more. I’m way too competitive for her to actually be better than me.

7. Everything I am wearing is completely inappropriate.

Man, I wish I didn’t wear these compression shorts. They’re riding up into all kinds of places they shouldn’t be. My shirt keeps falling off my shoulders trying to make it down my body and my bra is definitely not doing its job.

8. OK, I can do this.

Only 15 minutes to go, and I’ve already done 45, so it can’t be that much worse. Maybe it would go faster if I closed my eyes. Maybe not, I almost fell over just then.

9. Who knew I could sweat this much?

If I drip this much sweat on the floor nobody is going to want to stand here after me. I should’ve brought a towel. Now I’m stepping in my sweat and slipping. This is not okay. I’m going to bust my butt doing burpees.

10. This exercise is a joke.

What even is a side plank? There’s no way this does anything for me. Oh wait, I’m doing it wrong. Ow, OK, I get it now.

11. I am going to feel this tomorrow.

I have never moved my body this way before. I didn’t know my arm could reach that far behind me. I feel like a pretzel, and this should be illegal.

12. I’m so happy it's over.

I’m never doing this again. But I’m just kidding, I’m definitely coming back tomorrow. There’s no way I would’ve had the motivation to do half of this stuff by myself. That was more fun than I thought working out could be.

13. Now I’m so hungry.

I’m about to undo all the working out I just did by eating everything I see. All my meals are justified for the day. If I drink some water and eat some fruit, that’ll make it OK, right?
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