No one does it better than the Greeks and you can certainly attest to that. We're loud and crazy and there isn't anyone prouder than our ethnicity. Whether you are Greek or not, you are definitely going to want to be after this.

1. You converse in Greek in public to exclude others from hearing.

Since I was little the word akrivós was known to me. One of the best things about being Greek is being able to talk in public without others actually understanding what you are saying -- especially when it comes to avoiding awkward conversations about the cost of things.

2. Your hair is one shade, pure black.

I'm not just talking about the hair on your head either. No matter what you do, your hair will always be more noticeable and darker than everyone else's. You can't hide it -- you could wax it, but at this point you might as well just embrace it.

3. You have many superstitions.

From not clipping your finger nails on Sundays to wearing the evil eye for protection, you have a few superstitions passed down through the family. As silly as they might seem, you obey them like it's another religion.

4. You celebrate New Year's Day more than the average person.

Most Americans look forward to New Years as a time to party and use the excuse of a new beginning to do so. New year, new me, am I right? While the rest of the population is sleeping in and trying to cure a hangover on January 1st, you are in the kitchen getting ready for brunch.

5. It's a huge deal if you get the quarter in Vassilopita on New Years.

No one can quite understand this unless you're Greek. Just like New Orleans has a baby in the King Cake, New Years Day is a competition to get the quarter. Getting the quarter means you will have good luck for the rest of the year. It's all fun and games until you forget to look for it before you eat and take a bite of metal.

6. You have a different Easter than everyone else.

In my family, we celebrate both Greek Easter and regular Easter which makes it all the more interesting. Personally, us Greeks do it better. With dyed red eggs instead of the silly neon colors and going around the table cracking them, it's a day to celebrate Christ's resurrection but also loads of fun. Don't be fooled, there is certainly an element of family competition when it comes to the egg cracking.

7. Desserts galore, need I say more?

Baklava, Kourabiedes, Loukoumades, Koulourakia -- I could go on for days. You always have to be in check of your weight because you consume at least half of it in these sweets.

8. Yiayia is your biggest critic.

From what you look like to what you do, you can count on her input. Forget the devil and angel on your shoulders, you have Yiayia for that. Oh buh boh!

9. You can never find a Happy Grandparent's Day card.

Walking through Hallmark just becomes more monotonous each time. You never find a card for Yiayia and Papou and at this rate you should give up and make your own.

10. You always have someone praying for you.

At this point you don't need to go to church yourself because everyone else has it covered for you. You know you always have God on your side and He is probably a little annoyed with all the prayers being sent for you.

11. Your love interest is a family ordeal.

For all my Greek girls out there, you know any boy you bring home will get the third degree. At this point it;s just better if you keep your love life on the DL because your family will be more interested in him than you are.

12. Everyone in the Greek community knows about your life.

Whether you know the person or not, they definitely know you. Your relatives are the proudest people there are and you'll be surprised that many strangers know more about you than you do yourself.

13. You cannot wait for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" to come out.

This is a big moment. It's not just a usual movie premiere and you cannot wait to be part of the Portokalos life again. Opa!