11 Signs You're Having Separation Anxiety from College

11 Signs You're Having Separation Anxiety from College

It’s only been a little while but you’re already missing the late nights, your best friends, and your school.


1. There is nothing left on Netflix you haven’t already watched, driving you into further boredom.

2. You sort of prefer all restaurants to be buffet or cafeteria-style after all those times of eating in the dining hall.

3. You no longer have an excuse to drink copious amounts of Starbucks and energy drinks at all hours of the night.

You got so used to them during those last few torturous weeks of finals.

4. Every morning you have to remind yourself your best friend/roommate isn’t in the bedroom next door.

Severely affecting your routine of getting out of your bed and into your best friend’s until you both wake up.

5. You’ve sent the ‘I miss you’ text – complete with crying emojis – more than a couple of times in your roommate group chat.

6. You also have FaceTimed your best friend during meals just so you could mimic how life was at school.

It’s almost like they’re right there with you.

7. You almost burst into tears whenever you see the high school kids in your town hanging out with all of their friends at the library or a coffee shop.

8. Mistakenly trying to pay for things with your student ID and being rejected might as well feel like the cashier has asked you to remove an appendage.

9. Your Tinder crush is no longer within a 5 mile radius so you have no idea how to date now.

10. Sweatshirts and yoga pants – basically your uniform to class– is no longer acceptable for every day clothing, but you wear it anyway.

It beats doing laundry.

11. The Countdown app on your phone has been numbering the days until you go back to school since the first weekend after finals.

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