11 Reasons Why We Love Julian Edelman
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11 Reasons Why We Love Julian Edelman

Number 11 on the field but number 1 in our hearts.

11 Reasons Why We Love Julian Edelman

The New England Patriots: arguably one of the best teams in the NFL. "Do your job" is their motto. With more than 50 players on the team, it is up to everyone to do their job in order for the team to succeed. The Patriots are known for some of their best players, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and Stephen Gostkowski. But, like millions of other people, my favorite player is, number 11, wide receiver, Julian Edelman. There are just so many reasons to love him...

1. First of all, just look at him.

I mean how can you not love that face!

2. His commitment

Edelman is 100% dedicated to the Patriots and all of his teammates! He is never afraid to DIVE for them and do absolutely everything to get his job done.

3. His charity work

Imagine just sitting in your hotel room waiting for your doctor to return when all of a sudden the Patriots star wide receiver walks through the door. Edelman chooses to spend his time making the lives of so many people better just by going to visit them when they are in their worst moments.

4. He is absolutely hilarious.

If you're ever feeling down or you need a laugh or you just want to feel great, watch Julian Edelman's interviews. He does a Tom Brady and a Bill Belichick impression that will make you laugh out loud. Or look up his YouTube channel because I promise you will laugh until you cry!

5. His undeniable skill

Edelman was drafted by the Patriots in 2009 and ever since has done nothing but help his team improve. In the past two years, while he was playing, the Patriots went 23 and 2. Obviously, there were 10 other men on the field to help get this done, but Edelman was undoubtedly a key player. Fun fact: he also set a franchise record of punt return touch downs.

6. His shining QB moment

As a lifetime quarterback, all the way through his college career at Kent State, Edelman came to the Pats and switched to become an incredible wide receiver. But then this play, against the Ravens, during the 2015 playoffs, was absolutely beautiful. Down by seven points, Edelman was pitched the ball, got in touch with his old skills and threw a perfect touchdown pass. I know I was not the only one screaming during these insanely intense 7 seconds of such a huge game.

7. His love

Julian and Tom, Tom and Julian. The two of them are like peas in a pod. They are such incredible friends that Julian even moved all the way to LA, just about 8 miles from Tom, just in case he ever needed him or wanted to play catch sometime. I mean this picture says it all... it looks like it is right out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. The bromance is undeniable!

8. His team spirit

After every single play, whether the outcome is good or bad, you can always count on seeing Edelman all fired up. He will dance or jump up and down or just start yelling. He has so much passion for the sport and his team that there is no way for him to contain it all!

9. He was an underdog

As I stated before, Edelman played quarterback all of his life until he was drafted by the Patriots in 2009. He was the seventh round draft pick from Kent State and after a lot of Patriots individualized workouts and dedication, he became one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He knew he would not make it as a QB so he did all that he could to change to wide receiver. He even played a little bit of defense. To quote a good friend of mine, "Edelman's a jack of trades, the perfect Patriot."

10. He was imperative during the 2015 Superbowl

Julian Edelman was an incredible part of this Superbowl win! He mad the crucial 3rd and 14 catch over the middle and then suffered a helmet to helmet hit. Despite this, he went on to the catch the game willing touch down against the Seattle Seahawks to win Superbowl 49!

11. And again, because it's obviously the most important part

Of course, Edelman is absolutely beautiful I mean that cannot be denied. But there are so many things that make him one of mine and so many others' all-time favorite Patriots players.

New England would be absolutely lost without him!

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