Summer is here and teens are all about getting out, spending money (or not spending money), and doing fun things with their friends to make memories. Here's a few things to get out and do during the summer that will make awesome memories and make sure you have a great time.

1. Go to the lake (or beach).

Depending on where you live, i'm sure you live near a lake or a beach. Or at least an hour from one. This is a good things to get a bunch of friends, pack up your car, and go outside and spend some time on the water ALL day. Tubing, tanning, and playing in the sun can never been seen as a bad thing.

2. Go to an amusement park.

HOW COULD THIS NOT BE FUN. Has anyone ever seen a Six Flags commercial? Anything about amusement parks is fun. From roller coasters to fried foods, it's always the best way to have a great summer (and you can get tickets pretty cheap online).

3. Go to an aquarium or a zoo!

Animals are always fun. Petting zoo's are better, but regular zoo's are cool too. & aquariums are just awesome because all the fish are cool to look at. Also, the gift shops at the end of the tours are always filled with awesome nic nacks and collectable items that no one needs but everyone wants to take home to remember the experience.

4. Go hiking.

This costs no money and comes with the PRETTIEST views you could ever get in the world. Yes, it's tiring. Yes, it's active. But being active in the summer AND having fun while doing it is better than sitting on the couch, watching Netflix, and eating a whole bag of chips in one episode of Grey's. Or at least not everyday.. So get outside, go hiking, and take some beautiful pictures while you're at it ;)

5. Take a road trip.

Pack up the car, turn up the music and start driving! You have no cares and worries in the world now since you're done with classes for three months (unless you have a job), but even then you can take a few days off to take a short road trip with some of your closest friends. Be wild, be free, and be in the moment.

6. Go to concerts!

I don't know about any of you, but being at a concert and listening to some great music is probably one of the best things you can do in life. Music is great, friends are great, and being able to say you saw your favorite artist live is pretty great too.

7. Go visit some old friends and have a reunion.

Not all of your old friends still go to the same school as you. Life changes daily, and some will move away. Take some time in your summer break to go see an old friend and catch up with them. Keep the friendship going whenever possible and have fun with them!

8. Have a family cookout.

Spend some time with your family! If you're in college you don't see them as much as you use to. Definitely take some time to have family moments. Having a cookout is a great way to get the family together and spend some time with each other. Laughter and good food is all you can ask for in life.

9. Go to a MLB game

Baseball isn't always fun to watch (jk, yes it is..) but it is sometime to do with your free time, and tickets are so so so cheap if you don't care to be up front behind home plate.

10. Go on a picnic.

Pack up all of your favorite foods, bring your dog and some friends and go to the park! Or you can even go by yourself and just enjoy some alone time on a beautiful day. Take a nice book and a hammock and spend the day relaxing and chowing down on some snacks.