10 Things That Only Make Sense At Oklahoma State's Homecoming

10 Things That Only Make Sense At Oklahoma State's Homecoming

It's America's greatest Homecoming.

Well, we've come to the week that everybody loves: Homecoming. Football, parades, events all around campus. Different universities have different traditions, and some things only make sense if you go to a certain school. For Oklahoma State, Homecoming is an incredible week that brings together the whole campus, the city, and people from all around the state. Some things only make sense if you've ever been to Homecoming at Oklahoma State.

1. The Fountain

The first day of homecoming begins when the fountain in front of the library is dyed orange. People gather around and watch as homecoming royalty pour the dye into the fountain to kick off the week of festivities.

2. Football Frenzy

Teams from Greek life come together and compete against one another in football games, to eventually play for the championship at Boone Pickens Stadium.

3. The Walk

For weeks, members of the sororities and fraternities spend many hours and many late nights preparing some of the most elaborate house decorations in the country. All of their hard work is showcased the night before the game, which brings in thousands of people from across the state. When someone thinks of Oklahoma State's Homecoming, they definitely think about the Walkaround.

4. Homecoming and Hoops

After the Walkaround, OSU holds a spirit rally in Gallagher-Iba Arena to prepare students for the upcoming basketball season.

5. Sign Competition

Different organizations, Greek houses, and residential halls come up with designs unique to the Homecoming theme each year to display proudly on Library Lawn all week.

6. Harvest Carnival

While most events that go on during Homecoming week are for students, the Harvest Carnival is just for the kids. It's put on each year by students, with different games for the little ones to enjoy and win prizes.

7. Hester Street Painting

Before every home game, the football team and coaches take a walk along Hester Street into BPS. For Homecoming, students, families, and alumni come together to write encouraging messages for the team to see as they walk into the stadium before the game.

8. Sea of Orange

The Sea of Orange Parade is one of Stillwater's favorite celebrations. Just like with the Walk, thousands of people gather to see different student organizations come together to show off their hard work. The morning of the football game is spent with people lining the streets of Stillwater in anticipation for the game later in the day.

9. Stillwater Strong

One year ago, Stillwater was shaken by a terrible tragedy that was heard around the country. Though it is not part of our Homecoming celebration, it will never be forgotten as we begin to celebrate our school.

10. America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration

Oklahoma State boasts the title of having the best Homecoming celebration in the nation. From the Walk to the parade, nothing brings the University together like Homecoming. So much effort is put into making Homecoming better than the last year, and the students who spend hours perfecting everything deserve all of the credit.

Cover Image Credit: Community Funded

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Why I've Lost Respect For Tom Brady

It's not about being the GOAT or a competitor. It's about showings sportsmanship.

Not a day went by, from February 5th, 2017 to February 4th, 2018, where i didn't hear at least one person call Tom Brady the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). I've heard endless stories about what an incredible human being he is and how his love for the game exceeds so many others. He is devoted in ways that so many other athletes could only dream of. His diet is extreme, and his lifestyle is even more. It is for this reason as to why I have lost so much respect for Tom Brady.

As the confetti began to fall upon the Super Bowl Champion Eagles after a hard fought 41-33 victory, reports began to flourish that Brady did not shake Nick Foles' hand when the game ended. While there isn't 100% proof that this happened, it is highly unlikely that the hundreds of cameras would not have pinpointed Foles and Brady embracing. What cameras did capture was Brady running into the locker room, being escorted by bodyguards.

Now I know what Patriot fans are getting ready to say: "But losing the Super Bowl is embarrassing. Not many players stick around to shake hands after losing the championship, in any sport." To justify this, you have to look at the circumstances.

Brady is considered the GOAT, which in football would be a huge honor because there surely have been some great Quarterbacks throughout the years. He even won MVP this year. Nick Foles was the second string QB for most of the year until Wentz got injured, and he has been doubted every week by the media and fans that he can actually lead his team to victory. Some analysts even suggested that the Eagles would have a better chance if Tony Romo would come out of retirement.

Yet, Foles won the Super Bowl and had a outstanding game. Foles went 28 for 43 on completions, threw for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns, in addition to catching a pass for a touchdown on a crucial trick play. It is for this reason why he was named MVP. It should be noted that he did throw one interception, but that was off the hands of Alshon Jeffery so the blame shouldn't be put on him.

With next to no analysts predicting the Eagles to take down the mighty Patriots, the story was certainly one that will go down in history. With all this being said, Brady should have shaken his hand. Brady should honestly have congratulated the entire team. This isn't about him already having 5 Super Bowl rings, though that can get thrown in for good measure. This is about Brady, the face of a franchise and the leader of the team, showing sportsmanship to the underdog team that rightfully won that game.

You can Google images of past Super Bowl QB's shaking hands after the game because that is what you do when you are the leader of the team. You show respect to the others who beat you fair and square. Peyton Manning shook Russell Wilson's hand after getting destroyed in Super Bowl 48. Cam Newton shook Manning's hand after playing terribly in Super Bowl 50. To make matters worse, Brady can be seen shaking the hand of the losing team in Super Bowl 49 and 51.

Brady is not the only athlete to do this. Other star athletes have been seen running off the field or court after a loss whom another article could be written about.

As fans, we should demand sportsmanship between teams, especially their leaders. You cannot show "sportsmanship" when you win one game but not when you lose. It's about showing respect for the players that bested you. It's about saying, "you know this hurts that we lost, but that was a great game." We should demand better of our athletes, especially if they have already stamped their ticket into their respected Hall of Fame.

Tom Brady certainly is one of the greatest to ever do it, no question about that. He truly is an incredible athlete with his own underdog story. But after the events of Super Bowl 52, I will never be able to look at Brady in the same way.

Cover Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

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Colts Land Frank Reich As Next Head Coach

A successful career returns to its coaching origins.

After a rather interesting offseason spent searching for Chuck Pagano’s replacement, the Indianapolis Colts have finally found their new head coach in Frank Reich, inking him to a five-year deal.

Reich spent the 2016-17 seasons as the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles and won Super Bowl LII with the team before returning to the Colts where his professional coaching career began.

"Frank has all the ingredients of a successful head coach: intelligence, innovation, character, organizational and leadership skills, and a commanding presence. He also has a stellar reputation, and his myriad of life experiences and the people he has worked with make him the perfect fit for us and our fans. I feel extremely fortunate and could not be more excited for Colts Nation and the future of our franchise,” said Colts’ owner and Ceo Jim Irsay.

The hiring of Frank Reich leaves the Eagles in a tough spot, though, as they not only have to hire a new quarterbacks coach since John DeFilippo became the Vikings’ new offensive coordinator, but they now have to look for a new offensive coordinator, as well.

On the contrary, Reich’s career move puts the Colts in a great position to have a better season in 2018 than they did this past year, finishing at 4-12. The decision to hire Reich could be crucial to the Colts’ 2018 season as QB Andrew Luck, who played just 22 games in the last three NFL seasons, is still rehabbing from a big shoulder injury that sidelined him for the entire 2017 season, and QB Jacoby Brissett will look to shake off his inexperience as an NFL starter.

Colts GM Chris Ballard spoke on his decision to hire Reich, saying:

“Frank is a leader of men who will demand excellence from our players on and off the field. I look forward to working with Frank to deliver a championship-caliber team to the city of Indianapolis.”

Mr. Reich, who has racked up more than a quarter-century of experience playing at and coaching the quarterback position, will have his hands full immediately with finding a solution to the Colts’ quarterback dilemma but, as his past two years in Philadelphia has shown, he is more than capable of molding young quarterbacks into MVP-winning players and humble leaders in the locker room.

"Frank is a tremendous coach and very deserving of this opportunity. He was a valuable member of our staff, and we have all benefited from working with him over the last two years," Eagles coach Doug Pederson said in a statement. "As good as he is as a leader and teacher, he's an even better person. We could not be more excited for him as he takes this next step in his career, and we wish him and his family all the best."

Having worked with quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, Frank Reich has now tasked himself with the challenge of developing yet another set of young, talented quarterbacks while being responsible for an entire team this time.

As a South Philadelphia native and die-hard Eagles fan, it has been difficult (to say the least) seeing you go, Mr. Reich, but you deserve this opportunity, and I wish you the best of luck in Indianapolis.

Thank you for your time here in Philadelphia and for all the work you have put in to give my city our first Super Bowl championship. You will forever be a beloved legend in the City of Brotherly Love.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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