10 Things Only SoulCycle Addicts Understand
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10 Things Only SoulCycle Addicts Understand

10 Things Only SoulCycle Addicts Understand
Alli Abrutyn

I know this sounds really strange coming from an 18-year-old, but having a SoulCycle addiction is a real thing. When I was younger I always used to make fun of my mom for going to SoulCycle so often, so when I was in 10th grade (and finally met the height requirement to ride) my mom decided to bring me along one day. I am someone who gets distracted really easily, so whenever I go to the gym on my own I end up laying on the floor on a matt pretending to do abs, when I’m really just scrolling through Instagram and Facebook repeatedly until I feel it’s time to go. So the idea of going in a room with loud music, without a phone, and high intensity exercise was exactly what I needed. From my first ride, I was hooked. I wanted to master all the movements on the bike and get better, so I continued to go. Three years of riding later, I’ve learned a few things.

1.Monday at Noon is a Stressful Time

Every Monday at noon is when booking opens for the next week of classes. I only take one instructor now whose classes fill up pretty quickly (Hi Nicky) and I like 1-2 specific bikes (I’m weird, I know), so before I went to college, every Monday at noon was spent staring at my phone screen from 11:58AM-Noon waiting for booking to open. Often, my friends would laugh at me because a teacher would be teaching a lesson and I would get up and go to the bathroom to book the bikes or even just hide the phone from my teacher to get my bikes. Needless to say, I’ve mastered booking my bikes without teachers noticing and getting the ones I want (knock on wood).

2.The Shoes Are Really Hard to Walk In

At SoulCycle, the bikes require spin shoes that “clip in” to the bike so the rider doesn’t fall off and your legs and body get the most out of the work out. Besides the fact that the shoes are kind of uncomfortable, they are so hard to walk in. If you’ve never seen someone walk in spin shoes I highly recommend it because they most likely look like a penguin walking, which in my opinion is really funny.

3.Half-Way Through You Kind of Feel Like You’re Dying

This one makes me laugh. I get this feeling during the 5th song, which is about half-way through of a 45 minute class. You kind of start to question why you did this. Your legs are literally burning, someone may as well have dropped a burning match on your legs, you are covered in sweat, you are thirsty, and tired. Basically, not a fun feeling. But, it’s always worth it in the end so somehow I power through.

4.The Feeling of Satisfaction You Get When You Sit Down for Weights

This is a personal favorite of mine. One of the highlights of every class for me is when my instructor says that “we’ve made it to weights.” For those reading who don’t do Soul, it means we can sit down, our legs can finally get a break, and we can work on our arms, shoulders and core to tone our body. This really isn’t a break however, because my arms always end up in just as much pain as my legs, but the initial “you can sit down” is really one of the most satisfying things every rider hears.

5. 3lb Weights Are Heavier Than They Seem

I lift 3lb weights during class. Doesn’t seem that heavy, right? Well, every time I always find myself stopping because my arms or shoulders are literally throbbing from all the reps we do. When my dad comes he always laughs at me because he thinks three pounds isn’t that much, but my arms always kill. Whenever I look around the room I always see other people needing to stop and re-set, so I don’t feel as bad (and the arms part are always really hard), but the point here is 3 pounds are definitely more than they seem. Besides, the most they have are 5 pounds so I think I am doing ok!

6.An Instructors Foot on Your Wheel Also Makes You Feel Like You’re Dying

This one also makes me laugh. When I see my instructor walking towards me during a song it could mean one of two things: there is some positive encouragement coming my way or he is about to make me temporarily feel like I am dying. It is usually the second of the two. When he puts his foot on my wheel (meaning the resistance increases by A LOT making it A LOT harder) I always think to myself “Sh*t, this is about to be really hard.” And it always is. I always end up tired and out of breath after it happens, but that’s why we work out, right?

7.You Become Comfortable with Your Shirt Being Wet from Sweat

Maybe I just have over-active sweat glands, but after every class my shirt is literally wet and disgusting because I sweat so much during class. At this point, I am kind of used to it, but when you really think about it having your shirt so wet you can twist it like a wet towel and see sweat dripping down its kind of gross. Especially if you have friends in the class and you go to hug them afterwards, it is really just unpleasant for everyone involved.

8.The Clothes Are Sick

My mom and dad definitely get mad at me for this one. The clothes are always so cool. My issue is that I really like sweatshirts and sweatpants and their variety of this is great so I always try to convince my mom to buy me the newest apparel. Her response is usually that if I am going to buy clothes it should probably be workout clothes or just flat out no. However, there is the occasional yes, which really makes me happy (hint hint mom J).

9.When You Don’t Go for a While and Go Back it is Really Painful

Last week I was home for fall break, so of course I went to Soul. I knew my instructor’s classes were hard, they always were, but before I went to college when I was able to go 3-4 times a week, I had gotten used to keeping up. So last week when I went, I expected the same. I was SO wrong. It was so hard. I woke up the next morning after taking the class and my whole body was pain. My arms were shaking when I lifted them up for too long. It wasn’t a feeling I would recommend, but hey, you have to start up again (or start in general) at some point! My friends and I already can’t wait to come back for Thanksgiving and ride again.

10.It Sucks Soul isn’t in Ann Arbor

I am not the only one at school who loves Soul but now has to do without it while battling the stress of school – not to mention the trying to hold back the freshman 15! I have no doubt that between the people who live here, the professors and the students you would do quite well. Given the odd hours students keep I bet you could even run more classes here than at any other studio. So if your listening Soul Cycle - Ann Arbor is waiting for you come find your GO BLUE Soul!

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