10 Reasons Why You Should Be Pumped for NOVAdance
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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Pumped for NOVAdance

On March 21st, I'll be dancing to end childhood cancer, will you?

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Pumped for NOVAdance

If you're not already aware, NOVAdance is a dance marathon hosted by Villanova University to support the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. This is a nationwide charity that provides financial support to families with children who are afflicted with pediatric cancer and supports medical research to find cures for pediatric cancer. 

The 10 hour dance marathon, this year held on March 21st, is the culmination of our year round efforts to raising money for the B+ Foundation. It is a day filled with dancing, singing, laughing, and playing with, not only our friends, but children currently being affected by pediatric cancer - our B+ heros. Last year's first annual NOVAdance raised over $67,000 dollars! 

If that isn't reason enough to come out and support this great cause, here are 10 reasons why you should be extremely pumped for NOVAdance.

1. Because it is SO. MUCH. FUN.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last year and we’ve actually been counting down the days until this year’s NOVAdance.

2. Because the Villanova Basketball team is.

Our #6 Wildcats are excited to help raise awareness and money for the B+ Foundation.

3. Because you get to act like a child for a few hours with zero judgment.

Although the entire dance marathon lasts for 10 hours (10AM – 8PM), feel free to stop in for whatever amount of time you can to enjoy corn hole, water-gun fights, freeze dance, and so many more of your favorite childhood games – all alongside our B+ heroes.

4. Because you don’t even need to know how to dance - or like to dance.

Contrary to the name of the event, there is so much more than dancing that goes on at NOVAdance – you don’t even have to dance at all if you don’t want to! As mentioned above, some of the other fun things that you’ll find are corn-hole, Zumba, a jumpy castle, water guns, a lip syncing contest, acapella performances, kickball, live music, musical chairs, life size checkers and much more!

5. Because the B+ Heroes are the most inspiring – and cutest- children you will ever meet.

6. Because it’s the same atmosphere of excitement as SpO...except the weather is warmer.

Is it just me or have you too been waiting for something with the excitement of SpO, but in the spring semester? Welcome NOVAdance. 

7. Because dancing of course!

Although dancing isn’t a requirement, if you do love to dance March 21st is the perfect day to break it down. Whether it’s just freestyle or a guided Zumba class, NOVAdance is the perfect place to have fun dancing with your friends, all for a great cause. And like I said above, zero judgement…

8. Because now you can dance off all of the Chik-Fil-A you’ve been eating each Thursday.

If you didn’t already know, NOVAdance sells Chik-Fil-A every Thursday in Bartley and Connelly. All of the proceeds go directly to the B+ Foundation. The NOVAdance dance marathon is a great time to dance off all of those heavenly delicious cals. But, do calories even count when something tastes that good..?

9. Because you’re making history.

Our entire campus knows how huge Special Olympics. Imagine how awesome it is for those who brought SpO to our campus to be able to say that they started something that is now one of the biggest events our campus holds each year. This year marks NOVAdance’s 2nd year on campus. Years from now, we hope that NOVAdance is as big of a deal to our campus as SpO is. So, now imagine how awesome it’ll be when YOU can tell your children that you were a founding dancer of NOVAdance

10. Because you’re changing lives.

Last on the list, but certainly not least. It is a great feeling knowing that by supporting NOVAdance you are greatly affecting and changing peoples lives. By donating you are providing financial and emotional support for families. Also, by simply participating in the marathon you are helping to get the word out about childhood cancer and its need for funding.

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