Long distance relationships are never easy, I'm lucky enough to see my partner often. I get to see Ciara almost every other weekend but there are still times that I wish I could see her more often. Even though we see each other more often than most long distance couples, our relationship is still really difficult at times.

1. We Live 4 Hours And 32 Minutes Away From Each Other

Living far away from someone you love is hard. If there is an emergency with one of us, we can't get there in a short amount of time. When I miss her, I can't drive an hour to go see her for the day. We do not get to make day trips to each other, even when we see each other we have to leave early because it takes so long to travel.

2. Long Distance Is Like A Custody Battle

I'm fortunate enough to see Ciara every other weekend when she comes to Greensboro, however, it's like custody. We never know if the every other weekend deal is going to work or who's place we will be at. I'm not able to travel as much as she is, so usually, she comes here. Seeing each other more than every other weekend is a gift.

3. Most Of My Pictures Of Her Look Like This

She's not always sleeping but she does go to bed early.

I'm so thankful for the technology that we have today, if we didn't have technology I would only be able to mail her and that sucks. Luckily, we are able to text each other throughout the day and we call each other sometimes between work and school. Each day we take time to FaceTime each other at night. Mostly seeing the person you love through FaceTime sucks, but at least we have the opportunity to see each other that way.

4. Communication HAS To Be A Huge Part Of Our Lives

When you don't see someone every day, you have to make sure you're talking to each other. Arguments aren't easy over the phone, and we don't have many arguments. If one of us needs to vent to the other, it has to be done through a screen and sometimes you just need your partner to hold you.

5. Time Spent Together Is Not Always Ours

Since Ciara lived in Greensboro for four years before moving, when we see each other we always make a point to see her friends and her dog. I don't mind taking the time out of our time to see her friends and Hazel (her dog) because I know it's important to her. Luckily, her friends have become my friends as well and Hazel is my step-dog. Sharing her with everyone else is not always fun, but she's worth it.

6. Work And Homework Happens

At least one day out of our short weekends consists of doing homework or work. Friday's are spent traveling and therefore our homework and work time gets cut short. I work better when I co-work with someone so I'm glad she works with me. We don't like spending our time on these things but it's a must because we have to stay on top of our lives. We even do these things over our nightly FaceTime conversations.

7. We Still Miss Each Other Like Hell

Yes, I see Ciara often and I talk to her even more than some couples talk to each other but that doesn't mean that we don't miss each other. We are in a long-distance relationship and we don't have the luxury of seeing each other as much as we'd like. Our struggles as a couple are not invalid because we get to see each other a lot compared to some couples.

8. Our Dates Are Watching The Same Show Together

When you live far away from someone you don't always get to go out on dates. Ciara and I watch the same show at the same time while we're on the phone as a way to "bond". Like I said before, sometimes our dates are working together while on the phone.

9. A Real Date Is A Big Deal

We try to plan things in advance so that we can make sure we are ahead on our work but when we have a real date, it's huge. As college students, we are both kind of broke so dates are not always easy for us. I love being able to take her out on a date or having her take me out. When we go out together it makes all of the distance worth it and it feels like we're a normal couple.

10. Our Relationship Is Just As Hard As Yours

Whether you live with your partner, miles away, or next door to them, you are going to have problems. Ciara and I communicate well with each other so arguing is not a huge deal in our relationship even though it happens. However, we miss each other nonstop. The times that we are together we think about how long we have left together. We miss each other when we're right next to each other. Our weekends together consist of less than two days considering Friday's and Sunday's are spent traveling. We struggle and our relationship is valid because we work together and we struggle together.