10 Reasons To Join FSU's Flying High Circus
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10 Reasons To Join FSU's Flying High Circus

It's the best decision you are ever going to make.

10 Reasons To Join FSU's Flying High Circus
Madeleine Lewis

As freshmen students, we’re all looking to find a place where we fit in on campus, whether it be a club, an IM sport, or even just a group of people who agree with our ideologies. As summer terms start and new freshmen get admitted to FSU, it’s important to show them all of the wonderful things our campus holds. With the love I hold in my heart for this program, I proudly present to you 10 reasons why you should consider auditioning for the Flying High Circus.

1. We are one of only two collegiate circus programs in the nation!

The FSU circus prides itself on the fact that we are one of the longest running circus programs in the nation, but also that we practically dominate in the collegiate world. With this in mind, it’s clear that our program is an amazing opportunity that everyone should consider.

2. Our program accepts students of any background.

Even if you’ve never been to a circus in your entire life, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in one! While there is an audition process involved, any student wishing to audition can. There are no requirements to be able to tryout, and no age restrictions either!

3. The program is free to participate in.

Unlike many organizations on campus, the Flying High Circus does not charge you for participation. We are able to provide tickets to students through funding through the school, but we raise money through ticket sales to non-students, and through concessions and merchandise sales. Because of this, we don’t charge students to participate or to run and upkeep the program!

4. We require students to be actively involved with the program.

The circus world is more than just performing in pretty costumes in front of large audiences. What many people don’t see is the hard work and practice that goes into putting on those performances. Students are required to attend weekly practices with act partners in order to keep their place in the program. Not only this, but students must help with care of the tent and participate during show season even if they are not performing.

5. Our program offers scholarships for participation every year.

The Flying High Circus offers three scholarships available to students in the program each year. These scholarships are voted for by peers and encourage students not only to give their best effort, but also to be social and make good connections with fellow performs. While some scholarships are only available to returning members or seniors, students who are first year performers are still eligible to receive a scholarship.

6. The Flying High Circus encourages commitment to academics.

While our scholarships are not academic based, we still take everyone’s status as a student seriously. Practices are organized around student’s schedules, and run from early morning to late afternoon. Our coaches are dedicated and spend time making sure every performer has time to practice with their group members, without having to worry about clashing with their class schedules.

7. Our program allows for year round participation.

While student auditions occur in September and the regular season runs through April, that does not mean the circus stops. Flying High offers two different options for continued participation over the summer, allowing student to continue to improve their skills, as well as provide a summer job. Students are encouraged to apply for positions for summer camps hosted in Tallahassee and in Georgia so that the experience never ends!

8. We are constantly inspiring each other to stay active and healthy.

Similar to other sports programs (and yes, the circus is totally a sport) on campus, the circus is demanding. It requires strength and grace, but an attention to your body that you may not have had before. It’s important to train hard, in and outside of the tent. Many students attend classes at the Leach together, or simply organize trips to the gym to stay toned during the off time. We challenge everyone to continue pushing their limits to become the best they can.

9. The circus allows you to meet other students you might not have.

In the short time that I’ve been in the Flying High Circus, I’ve met some of my best friends in the entire world. None of them are in my classes, we don’t live in the same dorms, and we rarely see each other outside of the tent unless we plan something. And yet, they’re my best friends! We encourage each other to be our best, inside and outside of the program. I can’t thank the circus enough for letting me find my absolute favorite people.

10. Last but not least, the circus becomes your family.

In a program of around 100 students, it might seem a bit daunting. But over the course of two semesters, countless practices, meetings, performances, and events, you’ll realize that it’s not as big as you think. In the time that you spend trying to find your place on campus, you’ll understand that the people in the circus are not just your friends, but your family as well. Those hugs and handshakes will start to mean more to you as the time goes on.

This year, try pushing your boundaries. Look around campus when classes start for updates on auditions, and don’t forget to head down to the tent to sign up. I promise you it will be one thing you will never regret.

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