10 Things That Make Delaware, Ohio The Best
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10 Things That Make Delaware, Ohio The Best

10 Things That Make Delaware, Ohio The Best
Welcome to the City of Delaware

"It takes a small town to keep you humble."
-Bess Streeter Aldrich

The most frustrating thing about being from Delaware, Ohio is people are always confused as to why you're telling them you are from two separate states.

Person: "Where are you from?"

Me: "Delaware O..." *gives you no time to finish*

Person: "Wow you've traveled so far!"

Me: "No... Delaware, Ohio."

Person: "So Delaware or Ohio?"

Me: "I'm from Columbus."

With nearly 200,000 people in the county, Delaware is the 15th largest county out of 88 total, in Ohio. Birth place of president Rutherford B. Hayes, home of The Little Brown Jug and Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio has a lot to offer. It's growing population is prideful of their town. There are many great things about Delaware, but here is a list of just 10 small things that make it so awesome!

1. The County Fair

The fair has no age limit! Whether you're going for the food, to hangout with friends or to watch the horse races, the fair is always a time to look forward to - especially when you get days off due to showing your animals or because of the heavy traffic for the Thursday races!

2. Tanger Outlet Mall

The Tanger Outlet Mall is new to Delaware. Having the outlet close by helps when you are bored and want to do something that isn't so far away. There are so many shops here, you could spend hours going in and out each one.

3. Arts Festival

May could never come soon enough! The Arts Festival allows students and local artists showcase and sell their work. Along with art, there are musical acts as well. Don't forget about the small section of fair food - this is a good halfway point from the fair. Stop by and get a funnel cake of corn dog.

4. The endless amount of back roads

If you're from Delaware, you probably know exactly where this is - yes, Chapman Road. There are so many roads to venture off on throughout Delaware. Whether you are heading down Hogback Rd. or simply traveling down Troy Rd., you are destined to find something cool.

5. Smurf Cones from Dari Point

These cute cones are served from the middle of February to October. Blue-Raspberry sherbet, dipped with a cherry hat and finished with whipped cream and two eyes can brighten any day. Dari Point has a large menu, offering things from Shredded Chicken to Black-raspberry and Blue-raspberry swirl! Visiting the Dari Point is a summer time necessity!

6. Farmers' Market

From fresh foods and pretty flowers to homemade soaps, the farmers market will never disappoint. People throughout Delaware come together to sell their products to the city. While walking down the street, you will most likely go home with something fresh and yummy!

7. High School Rivalries

Whether it's Hayes vs Buckeye Valley or Olentangy vs Liberty, the rivalry runs strong throughout the county. Parents and students come together at large to root on their school and fight for the title. No matter the school, everyone knows that Hayes is better than BV (Go Pacers!!).

8. Parades

You have a parade for horses? Yes, yes we do and it is awesome. Along with that, there is the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas parades. This gives the people four times to feel like a celebrity for an hour. You might be in one of the high school bands, riding on a float for a local business or simply sitting on the sides watching - everyone is destined to have a good time.

9. Hamburger Inn Cinnamon Rolls - Need I say more?

If you haven't had a cinnamon roll from Hamburger Inn have you even been to Delaware? These rolls of joy can be served grilled, microwaved or with ice cream!

10. Small-Town, Heartwarming Feeling

Delaware is a great place to call home. Being able to walk down Sandusky St. and run into at least one person you know, is what gives it the "homey" kind of feeling. Everyone is there to support you, no matter what it is you're going through.

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