Best Gifts For The INFJ In Your Life
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10 Christmas Gifts For The INFJ In Your Life, If You're Lucky Enough To Know One

Shopping for one of the rarest personality types in the world is pretty freakin' hard.

10 Christmas Gifts For The INFJ In Your Life, If You're Lucky Enough To Know One

Everyone knows that one person whose Christmas present is always the last one on the list. Not because you don't care about them or forgot about them, but just because you want it to be perfect—because you know they're going to put the same effort into getting you the perfect Christmas gift, too.

And if that particular friend happens to be a proud member of the 1-2 percent of the population with an INFJ personality type, that gift probably will be perfect for you. Speaking as an INFJ myself, I know how much work and planning can go into the card alone. It's not by mistake that I can manage to put an inside joke, your favorite animal, an allusion to your deepest secret, and all the things I love about you into one standard-sized card.

INFJs are curious and creative, but also very intensely caring. We're dreamers and we like to think about abstract things like the meaning of life or, in this case, the meaning of a Christmas present. While this is all fine and dandy for the INFJ shopping season, it puts a lot of pressure on our friends and family.

If you are lucky enough to know an INFJ, it helps to learn a little bit more about who we are and how we think (and feel...about everything, all the time). In the meantime, here are ten gifts ideas that may help ease some of the stress and planning that goes into shopping for your favorite introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging friend.

1. Something Homemade

INFJs love things that show you really put a lot of thought and effort into them, it makes us happy to know that we aren't the only ones that care in a relationship! There are tons of options out there for handmade goodies, but here's a simple one to start.

2. A Novel

Most INFJs are stereotyped as "book nerds." While not every INFJ is crazy about reading, most of us are.

If you happen to know that your special someone is fond of reading, pay attention to their favorite authors and genres. If you can't gather enough information there, you can never go wrong with a Barnes & Noble gift card.

Or, even better, a book subscription so they never have to worry about looking for new reading material ever again.

3. A Coloring Book

As a creative type, INFJs are pretty easy to please with just about anything artsy. Coloring books are perfect because not only do they relieve everyday stress, but they also scratch the INFJ's creative itch!

4. A Weighted Blanket

INFJs love to comfort others—but that doesn't mean we don't need a hug every now and then ourselves.

A weighted blanket is the perfect way to ensure that your beloved caregiver can access the feeling of a tight bearhug at a moment's notice.

5. A Scented Candle

What's better than reading a book under a warm, snuggly blanket?

Reading a book under a warm, snuggly blanket by a cozy-smelling candle of course!

6. A "Grow-Your-Own Tea" Kit

INFJs are often called "the counselor" because we love to help people grow.

If your tenderhearted introvert happens to also have a green thumb, you're in luck! Gifting plants is not only great for those that love to take care of things but also awesome for building a more sustainable planet!

7. A "Love is Art" Kit

Photo courtesy of UncommonGoods

Looking for a gift for your artsy INFJ SO? Look no farther!

INFJs love the gift of quality time, so collaborative arts and crafts are right up our alley. This gift allows you and your sweetheart to create a special piece of art for your home that you can enjoy—together.

8. A Leather-Bound Journal

What do you get for the one person left on your list that seems to always have their heads bent over a notebook or laptop? What will be the perfect gift to accompany the sound of scrawling pens and tapping keys?

A notebook, of course! Do a little research and find out what kind of notebook your favorite INFJ prefers. For a new friendship or relationship, a small, simple notebook and a few pens are great, but a more established friendship or relationship might deserve a nicer, sturdier leather-bound notebook.

9. Therapy Dough

With all of those ideas and theories bouncing around in our brains, INFJs tend to be a little fidgety.

Therapy dough is a great way to occupy idle hands, and The Squeeze offers the added benefit of aromatherapy with six calming scents. Your INFJ will love that you took the time to gift them something that's fun to play with and clears their mind.

10. An INFJ Mug

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Remember that tea that I suggested earlier? Well, you have to make sure that you provide something to use for drinking, of course!

INFJs are often proud of how special we are (like I said, only 1-2 percent of the population can proudly claim this personality type,) so give your special someone a chance to show off for once with this cute mug.

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