10 Reasons You Know You're An INFJ

10 Reasons You Know You're An INFJ

You have never felt more understood than after you discovered MBTI Personality Types.

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If you've ever taken an MBTI Personality Test, you know the results are four letters that don't mean too much initially. With INFJs, usually realizing that this is who they are, helps them feel more connected with the world- less alone. A lot of these characteristics are found in many different people, and every INFJ is different. But, this is what I have found to be true for most individuals who are typed as an INFJ.

1. Over-analyzing is your thing.

No matter who you're with or what you're doing, it's second-nature for you to look for some deeper or hidden meaning. Of course, this isn't always good, and it isn't always bad. It can be helpful! Or really stressful.

2. You really enjoy learning.

The MBTI types are based off of "function stacks," and each type has four. An INFJ's primary function is introverted intuition (Ni), its secondary is extraverted feeling (Fe), its tertiary is introverted thinking (Ti), and its fourth is extraverted sensing (Se). I believe this love of learning mostly comes from Ti, simply because Ti is very logic based, and we INFJs do use logic quite a bit.

3. You are extremely empathetic.

This, too, is both good and bad. You understand others emotions so well! It's really easy for others to feel connected with you. However, this also means that you tend to overlook your own emotions, in favor of helping others. This is simply because of your secondary function of Fe. You focus your emotions outwardly, and so pick up on other people's emotions.You're a sensitive soul. Sometimes it's good to talk out your own emotions, too, you know.

4. You are very idealistic.

You have high ideals for every aspect of your life, and even the aspects in others' lives. You have strong opinions and are driven by what you believe in. This leads to a lot of perfectionism, as well as a lot of disappointment. Friends can let you down easily, but you are completely loyal (at least, until they break your trust or do something to a loved one).

5. You are remarkably insightful and intuitive.

Sometimes you feel psychic. Sometimes your friends even call you psychic. But, a lot of times, your weird "hunches" about life turn out to be right. You just notice the small details more- even if you don't notice that you notice them. Have you ever said something would happen followed with, "I don't know why. It's just a feeling." This goes back to over-analyzing. We can easily find patterns and meanings in the smallest things. All of our function stacks work together here, in a somewhat creepy way.

6. You love having a fixed/set-in-advance schedule.

Consistency is amazing. Having plans that don't change last minute is awesome. Being on time??? Please and thank you. This is especially true when looking at the long term. Circumstances beyond your control messing with your plans freaks you out, so you like to make sure you're prepared. Plus, you're realistic enough to know that your idealistic goals can have an impact on the world, and you need to take the proper steps to achieve them.

7. Some people might consider you indecisive.

It's not that your indecisive. You're just trying to way all of the pros and cons of specific decisions, especially super important ones. You don't like to feel rushed (see: perfectionism). However, once you have reached a decision- IT WILL NOT BE CHANGED. You're quite stubborn when you want to be.

8. You love people, but you also hate people.

Individual loved ones are awesome, and you aren't going to judge someone you've never personally met. And you think humanity can do a lot for the world. However, there are many individuals that ruin humanity for you (and others). A lot of this has to do with idealism, and how you think the world should or could be, as well as the standards that you hold others to.

9. It's hard to express yourself verbally.

You have a lot of thoughts (and yes, feelings) flying around in your head. When it comes time to say what you're thinking or how your feel, it may come out jumbled, or mean something different from what you meant. Sometimes, you just feel better not speaking. Phone calls are terrifying. But if you write it all out, all of your thoughts come out exactly how you want them to! It's weird, but it happens.

10. You're one of the most extroverted introverts, but you also need a lot of time to yourself.

In MBTI, ambiverts don't actually exist. You're either one or the other. As an *I*NFJ, you are definitely an introvert, and you draw your energy from being by yourself. Your Ni and Ti need a lot of time alone to figure out patterns and logic/reason behind things that happen, and even deciphering your own emotions. However, your Fe needs a lot of personal/emotional connections with other people. So while you love making connections with people, you still need your energy from being alone.

These, and many more, make up the typing of an INFJ. If you want to learn more, try this website, or just search up MBTI. Just remember, a lot of this is how you interact with and process the world, and so it's more accurate to check your "function stacks" to double check that you are typed correctly. Google is your best friend on your journey of personality discovery.

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