It's bad enough when you argue with someone, but it's even worse when that person tears you down with the worst insults imaginable. Insecurities that you've kept locked up deep within yourself are suddenly thrown at your face.

You strive to take that insecurity and turn it into something positive. You work on yourself but the minute someone is upset with you, it gets thrown in your face. The one thing you've been covering up, hiding it so no one else can see it. One word and it's like you're standing there naked.

You're a terrible person. God, you look awful. Stop pretending, everyone can see what a joke you are.

Words. They're just words, but it's like you can see the visible knife slashes across your skin.

Why do we have to hurt each other like this? During an argument, you're upset, and you are filled with so much anger that you want them to feel how you do, but belittling them, highlighting that one thing you know they hate about themselves, helps no one.

Sometimes it doesn't even take an argument to bring these comments to the surface. People are petty, vindictive, mean. I don't get it.

You are walking around spewing hateful things about me, making me feel like you hate me, and it makes me angry. What did I do? What horrible thing did I do to make you make me feel so transparent?

I feel like I'm on display for everyone to see. I hate that people think this is okay. Why can't we just talk? Why do we have to turn it into a war of self-esteems?

I want to feel good about myself and I wish that for everyone else, but there will always be that one person that ruins all of the good work we have done. Even one word can undo it all. I wish we didn't live in a world like this.

Hatred, bigotry, pettiness. All the worst things in the world and yet they remain.

We tear each other down. Are we just trying to get at the same level and feel awful together?

Why not raise each other up? Settle the argument without insults. Don't bring to light those insults that have been floating around your head about that person you dislike. Keep it quiet. Only manifest good things.

Don't waste your energy tearing them down. You have things you don't want people to say about you so don't start the cycle. End it.