You Shouldn't Defend Lies Just Because You Like the Narrative

You Shouldn't Defend Lies Just Because You Like the Narrative

Facts can be interpreted differently, and that's how we come up with politically charged ideas.

One of the easiest relatable discussions regarding narratives which have gained speed through false allegations is the Michael Brown case from 2014. Forensic and ballistic evidence has proven with a great deal of facts that Brown was in fact shot while charging Wilson shortly after attempting to grab Wilson's gun. Discharge from a firearm was found on Browns' right hand along with a bullet would to the thumb and forearm. In order for there to be discharge, Brown would have had to been no more than seven feet away from the firearm. The final proof of evidence would be that exit wounds in Michael Brown were consistent with Wilson's testimony, since the exit wounds were located on Brown's back, meaning he did charge Wilson. With all of this evidence to disprove what was a commonly known chant by the Black Lives Matter movement as "Hands up. Don't shoot", the left continued with this narrative. Although facts proved otherwise, many still went by this narrative because they liked it. The whole notion of cops targeting and killing blacks continues today because of such falsehoods. A basic look at crime statistics would show that blacks commit crime at a much higher rate than whites, which would mean more are incarcerated. A good example of this would be suggesting that a cop is racist because he shoots 5 men. Four black men and one white man were involved in a robbery. All of them committed a crime, except the majority of the perpetrators were black. The cop is not racist in his actions just because the majority of the people he shot were black. All were committing a crime and all received a fair punishment. Although this is not a fair analogy, it shows what those on the left assume when looking at crime statistics and who's committing them.

But even then, we are still cursed with this narrative. Whenever a cop shooting is reported by the media, race is always anyone's first knee jerk reaction rather than looking at what actually happened. This has plagued both sides of the political spectrum. Trump supporters are just as to blame for this. As a proud conservative, I feel that hypocrisy runs the game we call politics, and I personally try not to fall into such an easy trap.

Another recent topic of discussion that follows the same lines as the Michael Brown case is the whole "Muslim ban" movement. When Trump had put into place his travel ban from seven countries selected by former president Obama, the Democrats raced forward with their usual agenda. They called it a policy of racism and islamophobia, but one fact that seems to completely escape them is the fact that there is this thing called a moratorium. It is a legally binding term referring to policy relating to immigration policy. There have been many efforts by Congress in the last 100 years to bar immigration. Terms like "un-American", "Muslim ban", "unconstitutional" have no factual basis regarding President Trump's moratorium. Even so, the ban may prove to be ineffective, in which case Conservatives should realize this and not continue to support the narrative of the action, which would be the increase of foreign national security.

The main takeaway from this article should be to always keep an open mind about politically held ideas. Understand how it would look if someone from the other side of the argument debated their line of thinking the same way you did. The aspects that should separate the two should be facts that are indisputable. Now, it's been well known that facts themselves can be interpreted differently, and that's how we come up with politically charged ideas.

Cover Image Credit: Monty Wright

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An Open Letter to the Person Who Still Uses the "R Word"

Your negative associations are slowly poisoning the true meaning of an incredibly beautiful, exclusive word.

What do you mean you didn't “mean it like that?" You said it.

People don't say things just for the hell of it. It has one definition. Merriam-Webster defines it as, "To be less advanced in mental, physical or social development than is usual for one's age."

So, when you were “retarded drunk" this past weekend, as you claim, were you diagnosed with a physical or mental disability?

When you called your friend “retarded," did you realize that you were actually falsely labeling them as handicapped?

Don't correct yourself with words like “stupid," “dumb," or “ignorant." when I call you out. Sharpen your vocabulary a little more and broaden your horizons, because I promise you that if people with disabilities could banish that word forever, they would.

Especially when people associate it with drunks, bad decisions, idiotic statements, their enemies and other meaningless issues. Oh trust me, they are way more than that.

I'm not quite sure if you have had your eyes opened as to what a disabled person is capable of, but let me go ahead and lay it out there for you. My best friend has Down Syndrome, and when I tell people that their initial reaction is, “Oh that is so nice of you! You are so selfless to hang out with her."

Well, thanks for the compliment, but she is a person. A living, breathing, normal girl who has feelings, friends, thousands of abilities, knowledge, and compassion out the wazoo.

She listens better than anyone I know, she gets more excited to see me than anyone I know, and she works harder at her hobbies, school, work, and sports than anyone I know. She attends a private school, is a member of the swim team, has won multiple events in the Special Olympics, is in the school choir, and could quite possibly be the most popular girl at her school!

So yes, I would love to take your compliment, but please realize that most people who are labeled as “disabled" are actually more “able" than normal people. I hang out with her because she is one of the people who has so effortlessly taught me simplicity, gratitude, strength, faith, passion, love, genuine happiness and so much more.

Speaking for the people who cannot defend themselves: choose a new word.

The trend has gone out of style, just like smoking cigarettes or not wearing your seat belt. It is poisonous, it is ignorant, and it is low class.

As I explained above, most people with disabilities are actually more capable than a normal human because of their advantageous ways of making peoples' days and unknowingly changing lives. Hang out with a handicapped person, even if it is just for a day. I can one hundred percent guarantee you will bite your tongue next time you go to use the term out of context.

Hopefully you at least think of my friend, who in my book is a hero, a champion and an overcomer. Don't use the “R Word". You are way too good for that. Stand up and correct someone today.

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Murray

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An Open Letter To PETA CEO Ingrid Newkirk

For an organization whose sole purpose is to ensure the ethical treatment of animals, I have many questions.


Dear Ms. Newkirk,

I, like you, am a firm believer in the right to compassion for all living beings around the world. Ever since converting to veganism from the omnivorous lifestyle I was raised to lead nearly six years ago, I have heavily relied on and its affiliates for information, facts and statistics, recipe ideas, cruelty-free lifestyle selections, and activism opportunities on almost a daily basis so that I may further grow my knowledge and support for this permanent lifestyle change. When I search for new beauty or household products, clothing, shoes, and more, it is always comforting to see the "PETA-Approved Vegan" logo on the box, and I am confident in the purchases that I am making.

It was only recently that a new stream of data was brought to my attention that has altered my viewpoint of your organization and what it truly stands for, and I request that you provide the public your reasoning or justification for such acts, and any reparations that need to be made. Another lifelong vegan friend of mine recently pointed out to me a website called where there is sizable physical legal evidence of immense animal cruelty, suffering, and murder at the hands of PETA over the last fifteen of years. Seeing as you have been the CEO of the organization for over 25 years, I figured it would be best to address you directly, seeking a response to this evidence of cruelty from the globally renowned organization that does all that it can to fight cruelty in every form.

According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, from 1998 to 2017, 85.2% of all dogs and cats transferred to your facility for shelter were euthanized within 24 hours of being brought to your facility. Despite your reasoning that you painlessly end the suffering of animals who would have otherwise been left to suffer anyway, the arguments and justifications that you are making mirror the arguments of the meat, dairy, poultry, and fish industries (whom you dedicate your life to combating) all too identically. Just as PETA fights to end society's blasé attitude toward animal cruelty and murder, your attempt at claiming that the way you euthanize the animals in your facility is "better", renders one of PETA's greatest catchphrases, essentially, worthless: "There is no such thing as humane murder".

Similarly, after wrongfully luring a family pet off its porch in 2014, PETA took the pet from its owner's property and euthanized it, bringing the dog's owners to file a lawsuit with your organization that was just settled in 2017, where PETA was forced to pay the family nearly $50,000 dollars in damages. Finally, terror is not ever a justifiable option to invoke change, so why are you personally and professionally so aligned with the Animal Liberation Front, a terrorist organization responsible for arson, extensive property damage, and assault? Why have you donated nearly $80,000 to groups that promote harming life in order to save a life?

Ridding the world of violence with more violence has never, does not, and will never work, so if I can request only one thing from you in this letter, even if you refuse to answer my other questions, it is this: please take the funds that are allocated towards extensive euthanasia drugs and services used by and in your facility, and put them toward building either another building to house more animals if physical space is a concern, for providing food and more extensive adoption services for these animals, or donate them to a true no-kill animal-rights organization like Best Friends Animal Society, Underdog Rescue, or any others provided on this list.

In this letter, my intention was neither to attack nor provoke you in an inflammatory manner, but rather to merely seek truth from an organization that I once so dearly respected and wish to one day respect again in the same manner. I thank you for your time, and for all of the lives that you have saved in between.


An Animal Lover & Ally

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