11 Signs That You And Your S.O. Are Shamelessly THAT Couple
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11 Signs That You And Your S.O. Are Shamelessly THAT Couple

Do you want to spend every second with your partner? Can you not stop yourself from constantly kissing them and talking about them? Chances are, you're one of those couples.


Everyone knows one. You know, THAT couple. Two people who are so in love that they can't help but to show it constantly. It's annoying to see your friend or even a stranger wrapped up in such a partnership, but no-one wants to think that they are one half of such a couple. If you make others gag every time you mention your boyfriend or girlfriend, you might be THAT couple. The following signs will help you decide if you and your S.O. really are that bad.

1. You love your S.O., and you want everyone to know it.

They're so great to you. They're perfect, and everyone should be aware of it. You make sure to bring them up any time it's relevant, and often times when it's not.

2. PDA rules don't apply to you.

When you were single, you made fun of the gross couple making out in public. Now that you're taken, it isn't uncommon for you to be all over your partner, even if lots of people are around.

3. You want to be with them always...

Whether it's going to the store or visiting your parents, chances are you'll try to bring them along too. It seems like you're never alone anymore.

4. ... even on girls' night.

You always seem to find a reason why they just have to come. For some reason, your friends don't agree when you say your S.O. is so much fun. If you are dragged away from your partner, you'll just text them all night instead.

5. You can't remember the last time you slept alone.

There's nothing like waking up in your lover's arms, but sometimes your roommate might appreciate not having another person shacking in your home.

6. Half of your wardrobe is theirs.

It starts with a sweatshirt, but after a few months of dating you'll find yourself wearing their clothing all of the time, even to class and in public.

7. You have more pictures with them on Instagram than without.

How can you help it? You guys are just so cute and photogenic. When you spend so much time together there's bound to be lots of photo opportunities.

8. You've caught yourself regularly referring to yourselves as a unit.

"We'll be there tonight," or "We don't like her." Instead of two unique persons, the two of you have morphed into a single, one unit.

9. You have a couple's name.

In the spirit of "Jelena" and "Kimye," one of you has created a mash-up of both of your names. Sometimes it comes out cute, but usually, it ends up being corny.

10. You have your anniversary in your bio.

Your friend will put up with constant couple selfies and a yearly drawn-out anniversary post, but they don't need to be reminded every time they view your profile that you've been dating since 2016. In fact, no one outside of the mentioned couple has any interest in the day the relationship became official.

11. But, regardless of what anyone (including me) says, you two care a lot about each other.

Every relationship is unique, and people express their affection differently. As long as the two of you are happy and your relationship is healthy, outsiders' opinions don't matter. They're just jealous anyway.

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