Signs Your Boyfriend's Family Accepts You As One Of Their Own
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13 Signs Your Boyfriend's Family Officially Considers You To Be On Of Their Own

A few more siblings never hurt, right?

13 Signs Your Boyfriend's Family Officially Considers You To Be On Of Their Own
Madison Zegarlowicz

When you're in a relationship, getting close to your significant other's family is a requirement. After all, you have to treat it like this may be the family that you will marry into, right? If you aren't close to them, it may be time to reevaluate. When you are close to your BF's fam, though, it's like you have a whole other family to love and depend on in life. An amazing boyfriend and an amazing family to go along with him? It doesn't get better than that.

If you are lucky enough to have your boy's family treat you like family, here are 13 signs you might recognize.

1. You're part of the family group chats 

If there's a family event, you know about it. If something last minute happens, you know about it. When Mom sends reminders about those events because she's sure everyone forgot? Yep, you get those, too.

Sometimes the group chats are just jokes, GIFs, memes, and everything in between. Regardless, you're still ecstatic about being involved.

2. You and your boyfriend are a package deal 

When they invite your boyfriend out, it is an unspoken assumption that you will be coming along. No invitation is ever extended to one and not the other, because you're family, too.

3. There's a pretty good chance his parents' numbers are under a variation of "Mom" and "Dad" in your phone.

I mean, they are basically your second parents, so it's only logical.

4. Affection is a must 

When you see each other, you hug and say hello. When you're leaving you hug, say goodbye, and promise to text when you get home. If you forget to do one or the other, something always seems off.

5. They celebrate your accomplishments with you 

Just like your own family, your boyfriend's family are one of the first to know about anything exciting going on in your life. From graduation, to new jobs, to new hobbies, they're around for it all and celebrating alongside you.

6. Texting each other isn't awkward anymore

Admit it, the first time you texted a member of your boyfriend's fam for anything you were so nervous that you probably wanted to avoid it altogether. Now, your boyfriend doesn't need to be a voice for the two of you - you're happy and content contacting them yourself.

7. Hanging out isn't awkward anymore, either 

When you first started dating, being around the family probably made you freak out. Now you're so comfortable that you would gladly hang out with the family without your boyfriend there and be totally fine. After all, they're your family, too.

8. You know all the family drama

Okay, okay, maybe not all. But most. Frankly you're just happy that they trust you enough to share it with you.

9. You go to them with anything and everything

Just like you would with your family, you tell members of your boyfriend's family everything without worrying whether they would judge you, simply because you know they won't. From basic issues, to big life problems, you talk about it all.

10. They come to you with anything and everything, just the same 

They trust you enough to tell you their most serious, funny, or embarrassing moments, knowing you won't tell a soul.

11. You pick on each other like you're actually siblings 

Forget being shy and not wanting to offend anybody. Now, you give back exactly what's given to you by your boyfriend's siblings.

12. They always ask where you are if your boyfriend goes to an event alone

Now, this may be because they're used to not seeing one without the other. Whenever you aren't there, someone asks, "Where's your girlfriend?"

13. You love each other like family 

No matter what happens between you, you're always centered once you remember that they are a second family to you that you are so lucky and grateful to have.

Having an amazing boyfriend is one thing, but having his family be equally amazing is something else entirely. Not everyone is lucky enough to love their boyfriend's family and be welcomed in so easily. If you're one of the lucky ones, tell them thank you ASAP.

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