New Year's Resolutions: College Edition

Every year around this time, we find ourselves coming up with tons of New Year's resolutions. We hear people say "New year, new me!" but others like myself say "New year, same me." Whether you're a person who comes up with New Year's resolutions or not, I have a few of the most famous (and failed) resolutions to share. The following resolutions are the ones that we all hear, and when we do hear it, we're like, "Yeah... you are totally going to do that, dude!" Anyway, here they are.

1. Dieting

We all know that one person who's like, "After winter break, I'm going on a diet and I'm going to lose so much weight." For my friends, I am that person. I have declared I will go on a diet and lose weight. Will I actually do it? Find out in 2017.

2. No parties

So, we all have that friend who says, "Yeah, so, my GPA dropped from a 3.2 to a 2.9, so I'm not going to party this semester." And we all say to that friend, "We'll see how long that'll last." Truthfully, this kind of resolution is an easy one to do. I have declared the same thing, with the exception of special events.

3. Studying harder

Everyone in college has different study habits. Some of us love to study by ourselves for hours, some of us love to study in groups, and some of us love to just not actually study. After winter break, many college students aren't so pleased with their grades from the fall semester, so they've decided that it's time to study harder. I don't think that this is a bad idea, and personally, I recommend this to all of you guys: Let's all study harder! Even the guys and girls with straight A's, keep it up! Don't stop!

4. Getting to class on time

This is a resolution all of us college students need to have. It's also one that many college students declare they'll succeed in doing in the new year. I personally didn't think about how important it was to be in class on time, until it made my excellent grade go down to just an OK grade. No one wants a B+, when they previously had an A+, just for being late to class. Let's do better.

5. Being nicer to people

Everyone has that friend who isn't always the most pleasant person to be around, even though they actually are a really great person. It's OK though, because a lot of those people have said to themselves, "New Year, new me!" meaning they're turning over a new leaf. Hopefully, they'll start to treat people outside their circle with more respect, and if they do, I say more power to them!

6. Less Netflix, less chill

Most college student are guilty of having shows that they simply must watch every week with their friends. I know for sure that I'm guilty of it. We start missing out on life during these times. If "American Horror Story" is on, then you can bet 20 other people and I are in New Hall's lobby watching it, even if we all have a paper due. Sad, sad story. In 2016, maybe we can do less show time and more book time.

So, you see all of these New Year's resolutions can definitely be achieved, but the real challenge is actually doing them. We all say we're going to do something in the new year. Guys, we can do it! I wish you all good luck with whatever your resolution is or isn't!

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