Realistic New Year's Resolutions For The Average College Student
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Realistic New Year's Resolutions For The Average College Student

Realistic New Year's Resolutions For The Average College Student

It's about that time again -- January 1, also known as the day that everyone decides that they need to lose 100 pounds. Let's be honest, everyone makes New Year's resolutions. Everyone also ends up abandoning those resolutions by January 3 (I just made that up, but I'm sure it is pretty accurate). I think we can all agree that the main reason everyone abandons their resolutions is because everyone makes unrealistic resolutions. So, from your fellow college student, here are 40 realistic resolutions that are pretty attainable.

1. Go to the library more.

2. Only skip one class per week.

3. Drink less more.

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4. Make at least five new friends.

5. Stop texting your ex; there is a reason they are your ex. Let it go and move on already!

6. Only eat McDonald's and Taco Bell once a week.

7. Fill your gas tank all the way up.

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8. Ask that hottie out on a date.

9. Do not vom and rally -- just rally!

10. Go to the gym at least once a week.

11. Separate your colors and whites when doing laundry.

12. Find a way to drink more at the bar while also leaving with a smaller tab.

13. Stop "foot cleaning;" bend your lazy ass over and clean up the spaghetti sauce that you dropped on the kitchen floor four days ago.

14. Don't drunk dial, text, or Snapchat.

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15. Come up with even more clever Instagram captions.

16. Clean your room once a week even though you only cleaned it once the entire year of 2015.

17. Compliment someone at least once a day.

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18. Try and follow through with the resolutions you made last year. And the year before that, and the year before that.

19. Don't text someone that's in the same room as you.

20. Pay for the person's meal behind you at the drive thru.

21. Find a new show on Netflix and watch the whole series in a record breaking time.

22. Finally learn what Busta Rhymes really says in "Look At Me Now."

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23. Eat more ice cream.

24. Stop thinking and caring so much about what others think of you.

25. Create a new drinking game.

26. Go on a hike.

27. When you're sad, go to the animal shelter and play with the puppies.

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28. Do not adopt another puppy.

29. Drink more water.

30. Love yourself.

31. Watch all the High School Musicals and re-learn all of the awesome dances and songs. As if you've forgotten them.

32. Color code your closet.

33. Remember to take your shoes off before passing out drunk in order to avoid waking up with a picture of male genitalia on your face.

34. Ride a bike.

35. Order something other than chicken, rice, and cheese at the Mexican restaurant you go to every week.

36. Learn a new word every day.

37. Don't let things bother you if they aren't going to bother you the next day.

38. Eat more ice cream.

39. Stop saying so many bad words. Having a mouth like a sailor, while fun, is not the classiest.

40. Spend more time walking around your apartment, house or dorm in your undies.

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Welp, there you have it. These resolutions, while not the toughest, are all completely attainable for your average college student. But who are we kidding? Your college days are meant for sh*tty tequila and great friends, not figuring out your life. So, I hope your 2016 is filled with more frequent drunken Friday nights, or Tuesday nights, and more fun than you were blessed with in 2015.


Your fellow college student

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