I Asked 7 Girls About Their Worst Date Experiences And You'll Cringe Over Every. Single. One.
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I Asked 7 Girls About Their Worst Date Experiences And You'll Cringe Over Every. Single. One.

"I just sipped my water quietly."

I Asked 7 Girls About Their Worst Date Experiences And You'll Cringe Over Every. Single. One.

We all get nervous about our first (and sometimes 50th) date with someone new. But if these girls knew what their date would have entailed, would they have gone on it anyway, cried in advance, or sh*t themselves?

Here are seven girls' worst date experiences:

1. Chivalry is apparently, not dead?

"I went on a date with this guy and first went and got smoothies at this health place which is kind of weird anyway, but it happened so yeah. Then we went to the movies and I paid for myself and I did at the health place too because it was us and another couple and I'm not incapable of paying for myself. So in the middle of the movie theater, my date starts yelling at me about how I tarnished his 'knight's honor' by not letting him pay he insisted that they refund my ticket so he can pay for it?? He literally didn't stop until the other couple we were with were like 'dude, chill out' and then he was huffy the whole movie and it was super awkward. When he drove me home, he continued popping off about how his knight's honor was tarnished and I'm an insult to women and men everywhere. He texted me as soon as I got to my house to tell me he could never see me again because of how I embarrassed him."

2. The 2018 edition of "It's not you, it's me."

"I went on a date with a guy and we ended up making out... Midway through he stopped and said, 'Yeah, I just needed to make sure. I'm gay.'

3. These boots were made for...sittin' on you.

"My worst date experience was when I met someone off of Tinder. I had a few other dates which were good experiences. But this kid... I had talked to him a few other times and we had gotten to know each other for months. He lived two hours away from me so meeting up with him was kind of hard at the time. After we made the arrangement of meeting up in Pittsburgh, I learned that he didn't have a car. Not a big deal but we were like 20-years-old... So he bought a ticket for the bus but needed to be picked up in Pittsburgh which I was horrible driving in. I finally asked my mom to drive which just screams PATHETIC.

When I saw him, he has his jeans pulled up to his belly button, a tucked in shirt, and cowboy boots on. We're the COMPLETE opposite of each other and you could immediately feel that between us. The car ride was completely silent on the way home until my mom dropped us off at the house. She had to go grocery shopping and at this point, you'd think we're 13. I'm trying to make eye contact with my mom so she doesn't leave but she didn't get the hint and we were left alone...

So I'm laying on the couch after hardly saying 10 words to the guy and he comes and sits on top of me! He starts kissing me—very awkward and then gets up. He gets a lacrosse t-shirt out of his bag and throws it at me... (mind you this is our first time meeting). we drop him back off and he texts me and says, 'Is it too soon to tell you I love you??' and I say 'yes?!?!?!?!' (Because yes the eff is this?)

Then he told me I looked prettier in pictures."

4. Same time tomorrow?

"I went on an ice cream date and this guy says 'I have so much to ask you about but I just can't remember any of it.' So I was like okay no big deal. I asked him questions but he didn't answer them in a way for us to have a real conversation. The date was an hour long and we sat in silence for at least 45 minutes. Then an hour after he drops me off, he texts me 'ugh I just remembered all the things I wanted to ask you. Would you want to go grab dinner tomorrow night?'"

5. I plead the 5th.

"I went on a date in college (and keep in mind that this campus is very religious and strict and half the kids are homeschooled). He picks me up but asks if I can walk to his dorm so I thought yeah, okay. We go out to Chili's and the waiter doesn't say anything before he blurts out, 'yeah we'll be having waters and the two for $20.' I thought it was a little abrasive but I didn't mind because I liked the two for $20 menu. After that, he brings up the Trump and Hillary election and kind of got offended when I didn't say a lot. He told me I needed to care more about it and maybe like the four or fifth question he asked me was, 'So are you a virgin?' I think I took two bites and sipped my water quietly after that.

6. When your date fourth wheels.

"One time I went on a blind double date when I was in high school and the guy I was set up with was basically mute the entire time. So after like 45 minutes of me chatting it up with my friend and her date, he TEXTS me and asks if he can kiss me?(!!!) So I said no and he responded saying I was a waste of his time."

7. I would rather binge on cake alone.

"My worst date experience was when I went out with this guy for my birthday and he was on Tinder the whole time."

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