Love I will Wait

In today’s world we have a pretty messed up perception of what being in love is. Most marriages end in divorce today, over 50 percent last I hear. Also nobody actually dates anymore they just talk because they don’t want to commit and pursue a relationship. Our generation has a really messed up perception of what love is.

It’s not what I grew up with, my parents have been married for twenty-eight years now and there more in love than ever. Even after everything they been through, that’s the thing, they went through those things together. That is what true love is, sticking by their side even when it’s hard. In today’s society though people think love is easy and forgotten what it truly is. A beautiful gift from God!

I’ve had scary things happen to me the past two years and gotten my heart broken. But one thing for sure is, I refuse to let the world take away my hope for finding love and spending the rest of my life with someone. I will tell you that right now and I believe with all my heart, pray with all my heart that God will bring me the right person when were both ready.

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