I love running, walking, playing games outside! The sun keeps me sweating, keeps me tan, and overall it's literally a breath of fresh air to be outside.

What we don't consider is, what do people like us do when the weather is not agreeing with us too much? Maybe it is just too hot out, humid, snowing, hailing! It just is NOT working out for you. That's okay, but that does not mean we cannot work out. Typically my go to afterwards is going to the treadmill in my house (which I don't prefer because it is just not a friend to my joints and I don't particularly like watching anything on a screen while I'm running).

For you, your go-to and or sub for the outdoors, is probably the gym. While that alternative isn't the worst thing, I just do not prefer it. And for gym goers, it's more out of the way.

Just recently I jokingly looked up videos on YouTube and found good quality workout videos. Above all, it was actually fun and you forget you're working out (sometimes). This one video that I did yesterday really got my heart rate going. I am currently sore and I could not even complete the video. Just keep in mind that I workout regularly and this thing made me feel so out of shape because I was not used to doing the specific moves in the video.

Also remember that this is 100 percent a great way to change up your routine.

So overall, this is generally good even if the weather is fine. Maybe you get tired of what you're doing or just need to change up the muscles you're working. These videos are truly underrated.

What I tried was PopSugar videos on YouTube.

Give it a go and goodluck.