About a year ago around this time, I decided to visit my friends from Western Kentucky University. I was originally supposed to attend WKU, but things changed and I am now a proud Hoosier rather than a Hilltopper.

Before I went I asked my friend what kind of clothes I should bring for the weekend. She told me going out clothes, and a dress for the tailgate.

I was so confused when she said dress because at IU we usually just wear casual cute attire rather than our Sunday best. I mean of course she didn't mean a formal prom dress, but she explained that usually southern colleges wear sundresses of some sort while tailgating.

So that was the first major difference that appeared to me, but then other weird sh*t started happening.

My friend also told me that people many people don't attend their basketball games and they weren't known for it? I was in pure shock at that one since IU's Assembly Hall is usually packed full every home game.


Once I arrived, my friend and I started walking around campus and I got winded way more than usual, and I then learned that WKU's campus is built on a hill. I probably should've got the hint from that one since they are the "Hilltoppers," but you know that's not the problem here. RIP to all of WKU student's calves.

Nighttime arrived, and we are all getting ready to go out. I asked how many bars we were going to go to, and my friend replied, "Just one, Hilligan's."

She told me that there aren't that many college bars here, and the typical go-to spot is Hilligan's. I thought that was very strange since IU has a nice handful of bars to choose from. I'm so sorry WKU students, you must run into the ex you never want to see there all the time.

Another idea she had was that we could go to a frat party, and so we decided to make that great decision instead. I walk up to a house, but not like IU's frat houses. It was just a regular house, but with more Greek letters and beer bottles. Apparently, instead of living in their chapter houses they live in tinier ones with their bros.


As my weekend in Bowling Green, Kentucky was coming to an end, I started to realize that even though WKU was a college just like IU, it still had its differences. It made realize that I do really love my school, but it is interesting to see how other colleges do their thing too.

Sorry WKU my heart will forever go to IU. (I still had a GREAT time though, love you Liv)