Dear Srinidhi,

This is a really random letter even though it's nowhere near your birthday and there's no special occasion for this. But, who says there needs to be a special occasion to write a letter to your best friend? We have literally known each other since we were born and little did I know that you would become my best friend and partner in crime all in one.

Life has taken us in many directions but somehow we've still been able to stick together even through all of that. We lost touch till middle school where our friendship was put on pause, but in 7th grade, we met again because God knew that we would need each others' support and constant friendship to survive the upcoming years of high school together.

Ever since we were little, you have been by my side and never let me fall down. Even if I did, you are always there to pick me up. Even though you may not know it, you have taught me so many life lessons. Here are just a few:

1. You should never be afraid of yourself.


You showed me that it's always important to be yourself. The people that matter the most are going to be the ones who will be there for you when you're you.

2. Trust is everything.


Trust is everything in a friendship. It's like glass, and once it's shattered, it can't be fixed. I know I can trust you with anything (and vice versa).

3. It's always quality over quantity.


The number of friends doesn't matter because quality is better than quantity. For me, you are worth a thousand friends even though you're just one person.

4. Being confident is important.


Being confident in every choice is extremely important. Life's full of many choices, and standing by them is the most important thing anyone can do. You know what is best for you, so making a choice that you truly believe is what matters the most.

5. Take risks.


Life is always going to be filled with many options. Taking a risk and putting yourself out there is what's going to make yourself stand out. Trying new things and accepting new challenges will only help shape yourself and make you jump at every opportunity.