Wisdom Teeth Don't Serve Widsom
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Wisdom Teeth Don't Serve Widsom

And getting them ripped out of your face most definitely doesn't give wisdom either

Wisdom Teeth Don't Serve Widsom

Never have I understood why they call them wisdom teeth. Not once did the four invasive teeth in the back of my mouth give me wisdom over the past year, and I am happy to be rid of them.

Growing up everyone would always talk about having wisdom teeth and when they would need to get rid of them. They would talk about only getting rid of some of them or all of them or never having to part with them at all. Both my parents are part of this discussion. My mother had her wisdom teeth pulled, but my father still has all of his. Unfortunately for me, I finally had to face the fact that mine had come in.

Up until the summer of 2017, not a single wisdom tooth had appeared in my mouth. I swiftly moved through the first 18 years of my life without a single worry of my wisdom teeth coming in, because frankly I didn't think they would ever appear. But alas, they did appear, and they moved quickly into the small spaces available in my mouth. The sad part was the fact that my mouth was simply too small to hold even one wisdom tooth, let alone all four. They started to make their way to surfacing through my gums over the course of my sophomore year of college, and they decided to wreck havoc along the way. My mouth would start to become more tense and cause me pain that I didn't have before. I even chipped a tooth because my teeth were starting to move more closely together. There was pain there that I didn't have before, and the thought of getting all four wisdom teeth ripped out of my face was now a thought I needed to have.

After a consultation meeting back in March, they were most positive that all four needed to be taken out, but there was a catch. They were too close to a vein that runs along your jaw, so they would not be able to do the operation anytime soon. So a date was set, and medicine was distributed to help with the tooth ache that was my wisdom teeth. Because lets face it, there was a lot of unnecessary pain that was cause by my wisdom teeth.

This past Friday was the operation date. I remember going into the room, and them being weary of putting an IV in me (but that's no big deal), and then getting a gas mask put on me to breathe and count backwards. I remember waking up in another room super delirious and not really paying attention to anyone. My mom was there and so was a nurse or doctor or whoever saying that they "gave me breakfast" which I thought was an odd statement considering they just took four teeth out of my face. i don't remember leaving the building or getting in the car with my mom, or the ride home for that matter. But I have a few photos and videos I took of myself to keep me entertained. apparently I saw turkeys on the way home an freaked out because they were "too cute".

Today only part of my face is still swollen, and I can talk (sort of) and my diet is consisting of butternut squash and lots of pudding and soup. I haven't done much since I've been home besides laze about and watch movies and TV shows like "Parks and Rec", but I'm supposed to take it easy so I guess that's OK.

For anyone having to get their wisdom teeth out, it really isn't that bad. I haven't had to take all the medication they gave me for pain, but then again I have a high pain tolerance. Either way, if you have to get teeth ripped out of your face, you will be fine. Just buy lots of ice cream and have some movies lined up waitnig for you when you get home.

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