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Wine Wednesdays!

How to get through the best Hump Day get together.

Wine Wednesdays!

What would Wine Wednesdays be without wine? Grab a bottle of red and a bottle of white so that you have some variety. If you feel like splurging, get a bottle of Rosé too.

A DIY craft: One you and your friends can do on your Wine Wednesday is making your own wine glass ID tags. Below are some examples:

(PLEASE do not drink and craft)

Cheese and Meats are a MUST: You can have a pot-luck where everyone brings cheeses, meats and crackers OR you can make a dish of meat and cheese to share with your friends.

DON'T FORGET GLASSES!: If you run out of wine glasses, red cups are also acceptable.

Pick out a movie: You have your wine, food and friends. Gather around your television/laptop and pick out a few movies to watch together.

Pick out some music: If you don't want to watch a movie, pick out some songs and dance with your friends to the rhythm of wine.

(Lady Gaga wine costume is optional...)

Just remember that the night is about friends, making memories and enjoying your Wine Wednesday.

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