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10 Reasons Wine Wednesday is An Absolute Must Every Week

Wine not?

Scott Warman

Let's face it, Mondays are the vegetables of dinner time. Tuesdays are only good because tacos. But once you get halfway through the work/school week, you need to reward yourself for making it that far. In case you haven't indulged in the simple pleasure of unwinding on a wine Wednesday, here's some reasons why you need to start.

It gives you a reason to celebrate.


Congrats you've made it halfway through the week without quitting! That's got to count for something. That something is a celebratory glass of wine.

Wine is delicious.


As you all must know by now, wine is a delight to the senses. A Wednesday without wine would be unnecessarily denying yourself life's simple pleasures.

Something to look forward to.


Even though Monday and Tuesday are nothing special, they bring you to—you guessed it—WINE WEDNESDAY! So thanks wine Wednesday for getting me through those awful Mondays and Tuesdays.

It’s good for you!


According to Medical News Today, wine helps people live longer, protects against cancer, improves mental health and enhances heart health. YOU GO WINE!

Options, options, options.


Whether your perfect Wine Wednesday means sitting on the couch in your sweatpants with your best friend watching #thebachelor, hosting a whole group of friends for a wine and game night or getting all fancy for a wine down event you can't go wrong.

Wine helps you unwind.


​Got a big meeting tomorrow? Had a rough day today? What better way to seep into a nice relaxing moment then unwinding with your favorite Merlot? Nothing says mellow better than a Merlot.

There's a flavor for all.


Some like it sweet, some tart, some like full-bodied and some like delicate. Whatever your cup of tea (or in this case wine) there is a wine flavor out there for you! What better way to find your favorite than to have a full blown wine tasting Wednesday?

Wine helps boost your confidence.


Unlike tequila which often gives you a little too extra of a confidence boost, sipping on some fine wine during a wine Wednesday event might give you just the right amount of confidence to talk to that hunk or honey who has been staring at you from across the bar. Maybe you can even impress them with your extensive knowledge of fine wines.

You need your daily dose of fruit.


Although we mostly associate wine with grapes, did you know wine can also be made from other fruits? According to The Daily Fruit Wine, almost any fruit can be used to make some delicious and nutritious wine by compressing the juice and allowing it to ferment.

Wine not?


If you have gotten this far and you aren't craving a refreshing glass of vino, I am impressed and a little disappointed. After all, wine does make the world go round (and sometimes round and round and round).

So go ahead. Pick up a glass and join the midweek celebration known as wine Wednesday. You deserve it!

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