As we all know, college is really stressful. Constant quizzes and exams make a person feel very overwhelmed, as there are demands from every corner. But, as finals are coming closer, I think that many of us feel stress and anxiety, especially when it could make changes in your current grades. I know it may be easier said than done, but we all should keep the faith for it.

Some of you may feel a bit discouraged because you might not have been doing as well as you anticipated this semester (trust me, I felt this a week ago), but there is still hope. If you keep the faith, it will:

  • Help you to believe that you can succeed: Once you have the belief that you can do something, it gives you the drive to go for whatever you want to accomplish. Believing that you can get through finals will help you finish strong.

  • Ease some of the anxiety and the stress behind it: If you have faith that you will do well, it will ease some of the burden of stress and anxiety that you may have during the exams.

  • It will help you feel good: Having faith will help you keep a good attitude towards the final exams.

  • It will get you motivated just to finish: When you have faith and feel good, you can be motivated just to finish the final exams.

I know that tests are sometimes a struggle, but hard work and determination can go a long way in helping a person to succeed. So at this point in the semester, we should all just try and have faith, and most of all study, because the faith won’t work if you don’t. Aim high and fly!

Wishes of luck to everyone.