Take a moment and think about what you are passionate about. Are you pursuing it? Most people don't, and that is really something that makes me and can make you unhappy.

Many people are scared to step outside of their comfort zone to pursue their passions, which can keep them held back from reaching their full potential, and possibly achieve the lifetime 'pursuit of happiness.' What I am here to tell you today, is that no matter what situation you are in, no matter how young or old you are, I want to encourage you to pursue what you are passionate about, to pursue your dreams. Here is why…

As you all may know by now, I am extremely passionate about writing. I one day want to write screenplays and see them on the big screen. Though I am still pursuing my passion, I am doing other things along the way like writing here on the Odyssey.

Like many other writers, personal experiences are used within their writings, no matter what format or style they may be writing in. (You may have seen that in stories you read, movies you see, and so on. I know I do it within my writing). Linking these experiences within your writing also makes the words more meaningful.

Recently a Facebook friend of mine messaged me about the Odyssey articles I write. She said:

"Yesterday, I had someone that I really love, tell me that my story is bullshit, I'm here to tell you that you inspire me to push past the negativity, show up daily and inspire others to live happier, and healthier lives."

In the past, I never really thought much of the power of writing. The power of words is amazing, and their strength is underestimated. I am just doing what I love, not even realizing that it is inspiring people at the same time.

This is just an example of how following your passions can inspire others to do the same and keep moving forward. No matter what your passion is, always pursue it, because you never know who is watching, and who you are inspiring.