Independence Day's Memories With Family
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Independence Day Memories with Family

They could be some of your favorites.

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It goes without saying what July 4th symbolizes for Americans and undoubtedly its more important holiday. From parades to foods to speeches, all Americans know that it relates to the day when the 13 original colonies broke free of England, then ruled by King George III. A sometimes-overlooked aspect of Independence Day is bonding with family and friends. That is, after all, where my favorite memories were.

July 2001, me, my brothers and my grandparents went on a road trip to Colorado. I remembered the rugged road and how often the RV bumped around while my grandfather drove the truck.

Eventually, during the night of July 4th, sitting atop a mile-high gazing over the land, my family and I were looking upon the clear dark sky. The stars' luminous lighting brightened the atmosphere as I moved my head around for what could be there at such a late time.

Then came a high-pitched "whee" sound coming out of a bright streak. It popped and expanded into a shower of light expanding outward. More came at a rapid pace, each one more exciting than the rest. At the end was a furious pace of firework, firing a loud popping sound. After one last blast, the session ended. All of us were a bit sad that the event had ended, but all of us were amazed at what we had just seen.

It was always the event that I remembered during the road trip, and I am thankful that our grandparents took my brothers and I there, even if the location's name escapes me.

Flash forward four years later, and I was at Odessa, Texas at another one of my grandparents' house. Unlike Colorado, it was on flat ground, as flat as West Texas can be where you can't see a hill anywhere.

That year was the first time I ever got to hold on to any firework whatsoever with my brothers. After several years of looking out to exciting fireworks, getting out to produce some of the show was exciting, especially since my grandparents had a vast backyard to shoot fireworks in.

I shot quite a few of the firework poppers up in the air, excited to hold something that would shoot in the air. I even got to light up fireworks once and watched my creation launch into the sky and explode.

The only sad part about this is that once it was over, I knew summer was halfway done and school would be starting before I knew it. It's why I always made sure to take advantage of those days with my family.

Even when not much goes on for the holiday, I'll always remember the great times I spent with family.
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