Why Working Out Is The Best

Why Working Out Is The Best

Working out is all around a great thing, and here's why.

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The saying “look good, feel good” speaks a universal truth. After working out, once you get past the “I may or may not pass out/vomit/collapse” phase, there is a feeling of accomplishment and a feeling of pride in taking initiative to exercise. Plus, working out often pushes you to the breaking point, it challenges your ability and makes you determined to succeed. Not only mentally, but after a few intense exercise sessions (and a healthy diet) the physical results can be pretty dramatic. With more work comes more definition, stamina, and agility. This can be addicting, I mean who doesn’t want to see themselves constantly improving? In addition to mental and physical enlightenment, it’s pretty apparent that exercise can play a big role in attitudes and outlooks on life. Stress is much more controlled, and many people use exercise as a way to de-stress and eliminate anxieties in their life. Whether it is using a punching bag, playing baseball, or going for a long run, there are a myriad of forms of exercise that can help one diffuse stress that has built up inside of them. Therefore, working out allows you to feel better about yourself and feel enlightened because of all your hard work (work that you probably didn’t realize you were capable of).

Let’s not forget the social aspect of working out. Recently, gym buddies have become a large thing, having a designated person to encourage you to work hard while also keeping you company. The gym is a safe space in which people are free to gossip, joke, and discuss all kinds of matters. In our busy lives, the concept of a gym buddy allows the average person to kill two birds with one stone, they can work out while simultaneously spending time with a friend. Another huge aspect of working out are the benefits on a scientific scale. Exercise proves to be a key factor in a healthy life, with a decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and bone/muscle strength, exercise can help the people who do it in so many ways. One of the main benefits of working out is memory improvement/thinking skills. These benefit the exerciser because of the amazing ability to improve mental capacity. All around, working out is one of the best things ever.

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