5 Things To Remember About Villanova Basketball

5 Things To Remember About Villanova Basketball

March Madness 2019 did not go as planned for the Villanova Wildcats.


As the defending champions, a significant loss to Purdue was hard to watch. Although we didn't make it to the Sweet Sixteen, it is important to remember just how talented Villanova players are. Here are 5 things to remember about Villanova's basketball program.

1. We won three National Championships!!!

People seem to quickly forget that Villanova has three National Championships! Not to mention, two of those championship wins were just in the last 4 years.

2. We lost players to the NBA. 

After last year's championship win, many of our starting players entered the NBA draft. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of our best players hung up their Villanova jerseys and have had a successful first year in the NBA.

3. Jay Wright. 

Jay Wright is arguably one of the best coaches in college basketball. He has completely revolutionized Villanova's basketball program has prepared many of his players for careers in the NBA.

4. Phil Booth & Eric Paschall. 

After losing four of their teammates to the NBA draft, Phil Booth and Eric Paschall stepped up and lead their team to a Big East Championship. Although this season was difficult at times, both players showed their talent, skill, and dedication to the game and to the Nova Nation.


One of the best parts about Villanova basketball is its incredible fans. The Nova Nation truly a force, and you'll find us at every game! Whether you are a future Wildcat, a current student, or a Villanova Alumni, blue and white runs through your veins. Villanova fans are some of the most dedicated fans you'll ever meet.


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Why Lebron James is the GOAT

Jordan fans, don't get mad, just read

Old heads, I'm not deeming His Airness (Jordan) unworthy of his status as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), but Lebron has surpassed the legend in more ways than one. Lebron is the GOAT, just as Kobe Bryant is the GOAT, and eventually some young boul after James leaves the game will become the GOAT. Michael or Lebron, Lebron or Michael, it's 2017 and like it or not, Lebron James is the greatest basketball player on the face of the earth. But you're probably wondering, how can there be more than one GOAT?

See, in the cultural surroundings of basketball, the GOAT is a prestigious title that is the conundrum of many school yard meetings, barbershop debates, and general small talk. It's subjective, simply positioned as the best ball player alive...but only at that moment. Michael Jordan was a pillar in the NBA but has transcended as an associative symbol of basketball. Just as Shaq is a symbol, Bill Russell is a symbol, and Iverson is a symbol (See what I mean? Two last names alone standout to you because of basketball). Though separated by time and ability, they shared the commonality at being one of the greatest in their respective profession. With resumes and cover letters dating back to hooping on blacktops, rings DO NOT qualify one as a great.

Yes, Mike has one more championships than Lebron, but a championship is a collective team effort regardless of one man's talent. Russell Westbrook is not an NBA champion but has the statistics of a legend and literally plays every game like it's his last. Unfortunately, he's not on a championship caliber team like MJ or Lebron, which enabled the GOATs to win rings. Let's look at the statistics between Lebron and Michael and how it creates a rift between the past and modern NBA.

Regular Season Total Stats

Playoffs Total Stats

Lebron clearly is on his way to surpassing the legend. He's ONLY 32, and he plays in a game where there are more players who could've competed at the level of Michael Jordan. Today, we have Steph Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul and a plethora of other modern players able to play with or at the level of Michael Jordan. Remember, professional basketball is still in the making so the actual "greatest" is yet to come. But based on the differentiation between physicality, age, and statistics, Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan. Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Cavs begins tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time on ABC. So in the spirit of this holiday season, go forth and watch Lebron, he's the GOAT now.

Cover Image Credit: Getty Images

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Kevin Durant Is The MVP Of The Playoffs So Far

His solid play and ability to take over games has made him unstoppable during his pursuit of a third ring.


Kevin Durant has had an interesting regular season in 2018-19. He has been asked nonstop about his potential departure from his current team, while also watching his team struggle in ways we haven't seen them struggle since Durant arrived, and also dealing with team-related issues. Through all this, Durant still managed to put up solid numbers, but he has turned it to another level this postseason, making him MVP of the playoffs right now.

During these playoffs, Durant is averaging 35 points per game and scored 200 points through a five-game stretch, becoming the fifth player to do this in the playoffs, a group that includes LeBron James and Michael Jordan. He has become a clutch machine as well, scoring 50 points during the closeout game of the first round matchup between the Warriors and Clippers and continuously hitting shots to propel his team to victories.

So how has Durant all of a sudden turned from the diva of the media to the best player on planet earth? He seemed to stop worrying about the media asking him about his impending departure from Oakland, leading him to activate his "playoff mode". Plus, Durant has been featured in the playoffs since 2011, so his experience is starting to pay huge dividends. He seems comfortable being in the playoffs and seems to want the shots on the biggest stages, something you must have if you want to win a championship in the NBA. It's the thing that made Jordan a six-time champion, he always wanted the big shot and would make them more times than not.

That's what Durant is trying to prove to everybody, that he belongs in the conversation of GOAT with LeBron and Michael. That chip on his shoulder has pushed him to another level this postseason and it's been fun to watch. Especially since it got annoying during the season when Durant would act like a diva when dealing with the media. The best version of Durant is clearly when he is locked in and just playing basketball, not worried about the other stuff.

We all know Durant is leaving this coming offseason, it has been no secret for a while that his interest in the Knicks is high after moving his headquarters to New York not long ago. With that being said, Durant is wanting to go out in style before ultimately leaving the team for a new city. It's a smart move if you want to be remembered by Warriors fans forever, it'll make the pain of watching the best player on the planet leave your team if that player won three straight championships, giving it his all in the process. Fans will likely shed more sympathy for Durant when he does leave rather than if he played mediocre in this postseason and the Warriors found a way to lose.

The Warriors are on their way to another championship, there is no doubt about that. If Durant continues to play at this level, he will win finals MVP with ease come June, adding a third ring to his growing collection. That will match him with rival LeBron and put him halfway to idol Jordan. With that being said, it's time to start including Durant in that discussion of him being one of the best players of all-time.

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