We are surrounded by ideas of what is supposed to make us happy. These ideas are put in our heads and are expected to be what drives us through life and that, if we aren't constantly striving towards these things, there is something wrong with us. We are told that the things that make us most happy should be expensive or life-altering; however, being able to take moment to live in the present and appreciate what is around us can be one of the most satisfying feelings that we as human beings can have.

There is a sense of independence brought about by being happy with your life the way it is. You don't have to wait for the approval of others to make your happiness valid. Something that is considered as a small pleasure is actually a larger pleasure that has not received the acknowledgment that it is due. This is not meant to say that I think it is wrong to be pulled through life by a desire to change yourself or your life, just that there is a lot of angst that comes with that ideal and the small pleasures will undoubtedly give some relief to those who are always looking for something better.

Some may say that appreciating what is at hand is a solution for someone who is too lazy to work for a bigger cause. For some reason, society has implanted the idea in us that it is wrong to not be constantly restless and dreaming of changing something about our lives or ourselves. But there is no point in chasing the future until we are more attuned to the feelings of pleasure in seemingly simple, everyday moments.

The next time you eat some really good food, see a dog or experience some small thing that brings a little bit of joy to your day, remind yourself of the small sparks of happiness that are ever-present in your day-to-day life.