Why No Self Respecting Woman Should Vote For Donald Trump

I want to start this article by saying that before this moment, I have not taken part in posting every political opinion I have ever had. I am not trying to say that your opinion is wrong, or that mine is right, however, women in America need to be thinking about what could happen if Donald Trump is our next president.

I see many women that are friends of mine posting their support for Trump on Facebook. From what I can tell, most Trump supporters only support him because they despise Hillary Clinton. While Hillary isn't necessarily fit for the job either, she does, at least, understand the struggles that woman face currently in America, as well as the struggles that we would face under Donald Trump's presidency.

First of all, he wants to close all Planned Parenthood locations nationwide due to the fact that they perform abortions. While this is true, Planned Parenthood also is a place for females to go to for women's health services and STD testing, among other things. Trump does not see women as human, he sees us as something less than that, a body that he can control. Women have the right to abortion, and the most plain reason I can think of as to why, besides the fact that we have the right to do what we want to our bodies, is that it is not fair to force a woman to carry a child that she cannot support and give a quality life to. Additionally, it is not fair to force a woman to carry the child of a man who has sexually assaulted her. If Donald Trump is our next president, I can almost guarantee that American women will go back to being without any rights. When a woman votes for Trump, she is voting her rights away.

Second, if you absolutely cannot bring yourself to vote for Hillary, there are other options besides Donald Trump. At least vote third party. Donald Trump is not even aligned with the Republican party at this point, so it doesn't make any sense to vote for him solely because he is the Republican nominee.

Many women do not understand the gravity of the issue that would be Donald Trump becoming our president. The women who complain now about the inequality between the genders are the same women that want Donald Trump to be president, and I can promise you this - he won't do a damn thing about it. Maybe Hillary won't either, but at the very least she will protect our rights as females because she is one. We must stand together and fight for our rights, because trust me, this man that you want to have in office, will ruin us.

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