Sometimes, You Lose Friends Along The Way

One of the many inevitable parts of life is that we most likely will lose a friend at some point. Sometimes it's graduating from high school and the distance of college makes you lose touch, or you just grow apart, or maybe something bad happens to cause a fight. No matter what the reason, when it happens, it's not usually the easiest thing to deal with.

When you become friends with someone you never think of the end. You just assume that this person will always be your friend. You don't want to think that this person would betray you, or that distance would cause the two of you to drift apart.

The sad thing is, losing a friend is sometimes more common than keeping one.

This inevitable part of life might not be that great, but for several reasons, it is OK. I am a true believer in everything happens for a reason. So I believe that while people come into your life for a reason, they also leave your life for a reason. We might not understand what that reason is right away, and we might never understand it all, but life moves on and we have to too.

The reason that you lose someone may be that they are holding you back. Have you ever had a friend that was never happy for you, and never supported you? Maybe they didn't have their priorities in order, and they didn't want you to have yours in order either. Maybe some great opportunity was waiting for you, but you needed to get rid of the one that was holding you back.

The reason that you lose a friend may also be that they never were really a friend to begin with. If this person ever lied to you, talked bad about you behind your back, made fun of you, tried to tear you down for doing something you love, or blamed you every time they treated you like crap, they probably weren't your friend in the first place. It's never a good experience to see someone's true colors come out, but better late than never.

Another reason that you lose a friend may be distance. This is always a tough one because you can't really blame either person, it's just a part of life. Life gets busy, and with the added distance to make the friendship harder to keep alive, sometimes people drift apart.

Whatever the reason may be that you lose a friend, doesn't make the loss any easier. However, you have to move on knowing that there must have been a reason that that person is no longer in your life, and hope that a better friend is waiting in the future.

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