Why It's Important To Be Your Own Happiness

I learned the hard way that you shouldn't depend on other people for your own happiness. Because if you depend on someone else for happiness you will never be happy on your own.

A wise friend told me that you shouldn't depend on someone else to make you happy because if they are gone, what will make you happy? The answer is you. You need to be able to make yourself happy first. Because they you can be happy with you when you are alone as well as yourself when you are with someone else.

Being happy on your own is important because then you are happy doing what you like to do. Finding happiness in yourself and other things can help you find out who you are.

You should be happy on your own then find someone who just enhances your happiness. A person should be happy when you are doing things that make you happy and not belittle those activities. That person should just make you happy doing things together and of how understanding they are.

Being able to focus on things that make you happy such as sports, hobbies or even TV shows and movies can help you keep yourself grounded. Make sure you find things that make you happy and focus on them.

Being your own person is better than letting someone else form your identity, which can happen when you depend on someone else to make you happy. Letting someone control you like that can be emotionally and physically problematic. Because it lets them feel like they are more in power than you are. And it shouldn't be like that, things should be more equal. Feelings can also become one-sided if you depend on someone else to be happy because you may not feel complete without them and the person may not care as much as you.

If you allow someone to be your sole purpose of happiness, when they are not around you may feel incomplete or alone and that feeling will continue if they are no longer around as well.

Don't let anyone tell you that they are the only thing you need to be happy because that's wrong. You don't need someone else to make you happy especially because you are your own person and have your own life. You are worth more than relying on someone else for making you happy.

Be the reason you smile. Be the reason you get up in the morning. Be the reason you are alive. Don't let someone else ever be those for you. Find someone who will help you smile even more. Find someone who will get up with you everyday. Find someone who makes your life a little easier.

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