I think that all of us ladies can agree in some way that guys are dumb. Either they are bad listeners, break your heart, play games with you, are full of themselves or just overall inconsiderate.

I asked ten girls why they think guys are "dumb" and their answers were pretty great.

1. “Because God made them first and everyone knows that first is the worst and second is the best.”



Is it not obvious?

2. “Guys are dumb because they’re not girls and that’s the whole reason.”



Let's be honest here, girls are the best.

3. “I don’t think guys are dumb per say I just think they need to learn to be more understanding and conscious to girls’ feelings.”



Ya hear that? Ya we're talking to you dude.

4. “Boys can be “dumb” because girls think about things in a much more complex way. We want to fall in love, or we don’t. We want to pick where we want to eat or we don’t. We like affection or we don’t. I think boys are just trying to catch up with us.”



We may be complicated, but how else are we supposed to keep you on your toes?

5. “I think guys are dumb for not being able to recognize the difference between girls who are good for them and girls who aren’t.”



For example: When you like a guy who keeps going back to his ex even though he turns into a jerk when he's dating her.

6. “The dumb ones that take a piece of your heart truly make you appreciate and respect the man who rebuilds your heart and makes it beautiful again.”



It's all about trust.

7. “I think that not all guys are dumb. However, because we live in a broken world, we all make mistakes. The good guys are the ones who are chivalrous and respectful. Ladies, don’t settle for a boy that isn’t showing you love and respect!!! That boy has work to do and its not up to you to fix him!”



Girl, you need a man, not a boy!

8. “I’ve been stood up on dates before and that felt really inconsiderate”



Why don't you try thinking of someone else besides yourself for a change.

9. “Guys are dumb because often times they lack consideration for the actions that they take and the way they affect others around them (girlfriends), so basically they don’t really think before they act”



Is there a brain inside your skull? Use it!

10. “I think guys are dumb because they only care about themselves and their feelings. They do not care how they treat women and hurting them as long as they don’t get hurt they will do whatever they want. There are good guys out there who don’t act this way but they are rare to find. The dumb guys who break your heart will disguise themselves as good guys to get what they want.”



Quit the act. I just want to know you for you and to find a great guy, is that too much to ask?

So, there you have it fellas. If any of these ten things hit a little close to home, maybe you should reevaluate the way you treat people, especially women.