10 Reasons American Girls Prefer International Men
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10 Reasons American Girls Will Travel Far And Wide For A Romantic International Guy

You know, other than that hot accent.

10 Reasons American Girls Will Travel Far And Wide For A Romantic International Guy
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While Spring Break just passed and students are looking towards summer internships and abroad opportunities, summer flings are just around the corner!

Whether studying in Rome, Italy or doing a mission trip in the heart of Colombia, here is a quick list of 10 major differences encountered upon flirting with both American and International guys obtained from interviewing various girls in European and South American hostels.

These are just a few reasons why American girls love an international guy:

1. They approach first

Compared to the college atmosphere where girls and guys both go up and approach a person of interest, in both European and Latin American cultures, the men pursue you and come up to you first. While this may seem like you will have to wait, don't be alarmed. There will be herds of men swarming you if you stand alone at a bar.

2. They know how to give a compliment

Contrary to the mutual discussions of likes and interests, when an international man gets a woman's attention, he adorns her with a beautiful myriad of compliments and praises. This confidence boost is very contrary to men in the United States as they tend to be less vocal or expressive with their desires for romance.

3. Be prepared for stares

While it may be thought of as rude or uncomfortable in the United States to stare at others for long periods of time, foreign men use staring as a way of checking a girl out and showing her she has their undivided attention.

4. Dancing

Believe it or not, guys can and do dance! Contrary to the United States where guys believe dancing is too feminine or are too shy to dance, foreign men are not afraid to loosen their hips. From dancing Salsa to Cumbia to dance floor reggaeton, be prepared to literally be swept off your feet when you see these guys dance!

5. They won't let you pay for anything 

Similarly to the USA in some cases, foreign guys will NOT let their woman pay for them as it is a sign they are incompetent or unable to provide for themselves or woman. This is also a benefit according to some girls as having a foreign significant other helps them save money and enjoy being treated like royalty.

6. They get jealous 

Don't even think about switching dance partners or meeting new guys when in the presence of your new beloved. While they are very protective and loving, they are also not afraid to confront anyone standing in the way of what or who they want.

7. They are passionate and expressive

Hearing the beautiful accents and languages can turn any girl on when they hear these men talk, but just wait till you understand what they are saying! Foreign men usually know how to play the game, but do so in a respectful manner. When they are infatuated or begin to desire a woman, the praises and declarations of love begin to follow.

Once swept off her feet, a girl can experience her most passionate love affair yet! From deep kisses that touch your soul to warm embraces of safety, these men are passionate and expressive lovers. These men LOVE PDA.

8. Cat-Calls

While some women find cat-calls offensive, other women love the attention. The US simply just doesn't cat-call and I never would have expected cat-calling to be as large as it is in Latin America. While the cat-calls are harmless, be prepared for strangers to comment on your long legs or blonde hair. Some comments are phrases like "Mamacita," "Babecita," "Bella," "Bellisima," and other pet names remarking a woman's beauty.

9. Different cultural customs

If you happen to hit it home with a foreign man and decide to bring him back with you, be aware that things may look a little different. While most foreign men are not circumcised, US males are. Contrary to the medical practices in the US, various medical and religious backgrounds influence circumcision or the lack thereof. Be prepared for some new experiences.

10. They walk on your left

Because of the traffic and most individuals walking to their destinations, foreign men have a custom to walk on your left side (usually the side closest to the roadway) to protect you and show chivalry.

While these differences are major turn ons for some women, others may not find these traits attractive. However, after asking friends and girls in hostels, they all agreed they preferred men that had these traits and qualities. With these 10 major differences explored, hopefully, you have a better understanding and idea of what to expect before you travel abroad! Best of luck on your future adventures and remember—French kissing isn't only done by French men! Ciao!

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