Your "Roaring 20s."

Everyone talks about it and everyone seems to dread it more than being excited for it because it's said to be the "most important" decade of one's life.

As the youngest in my group of friends, I have experienced first-hand how dreadful and scary your 20s can be.

During your 20s you can graduate college, or you can choose a totally different path - both of these options may or may not work out for you. You can also get married or be in a serious relationship, or you can become that one bachelor friend that might actually die alone - joking (but not really). You can spend your "youth" traveling and going on adventures or drowning yourself in your work and have no social life.

Needless to say, it can be terrifying when you stop and think about the future.

Since I'm a week away from starting my "Roaring 20s" I have decided to make a small list of goals that I plan to achieve during what is said to be the "singlehandedly most important decade of your life."

1. I will FINALLY travel outside of the country to another place besides Mexico.

It's about time that I go and explore beyond these two countries I have spent most of my life in. There is so much out there for me to see and I will finally make sure that I do it, even if I only end up going abroad one time.

2. Professionally, I will cover my first global event.

While we're on the topic of the world and how happy it would make me to visit various countries, I would be just as happy to visit different countries for work. As a journalist, my biggest dream is to cover a global event and be surrounded by people from all over the world and their vibrant cultures.

3. Fund a trip for my parents.

My parents are my biggest supporters and, as cheesy as it sounds, they deserve the world. They have helped me become the woman I am today and the woman that awaits me beyond the next decade. They have always done the best to make sure my sister and I are set and I think by the time I'm in my 20s I will be able to get some money together to pay for a trip for them!

4. Get a tattoo and piercing.

I said I would do this when I turned 19, but that obviously didn't happen, so this goal is now PENDING. Sorry, Mom and Dad!

5. 2026 World Cup, wya?

This is a bucket list dream, so whether I'm working it or going as a fan, I WILL be at the 2026 World Cup, whether it's in Mexico or the U.S. I just know I will be there. Nothing else for me to add.

6. Attend a music festival.

At this point I don't even care what kind of music it is, I just need to get on that music festival bandwagon because I feel like I am one of the few college students that hasn't been to one and, with graduation approaching in a year, the clock is ticking.

7. Graduate college and have a job lined up.

OK, so maybe this one should have been at the top of my list, and while it might be obvious, it makes the list all the same. I WILL BE the first from my family to graduate from a four-year institution and that is BIG. And I'm also not one to settle in or anything, so you best believe I will make sure I have a job lined up ready for me from the moment I step off the stage after graduation!

The list is obviously short, but these are just some major points that I just HAVE to complete before the next ten years are up. And while the next 10 years might have a big influence on who I become, I know I won't be anything short of happy and a lover of life.