As my second semester of sophomore year is starting and my classes are going at full speed, I can not help but to look at my schedule and cringe a little on the inside. My heart starts racing as I look at all of the social obligations, assignments, due dates, and to do lists all crammed into my tiny day planner. In order to brace myself for the crazy week ahead, I begin frantically searching trying to find room to schedule some much needed "me" time. I made sure to do this because in the past if I did not make time to gather my thoughts, calm down and have fun, my week would end in disaster.

I know some of you can definitely relate to this because today our culture is so fast paced, and judges you on how productive you are each day. People are always rushing around from place to place trying to get things done. Whether in college, when you have sorority or extra-curricular activity commitments and lots of work due for classes, or in the adult world with work deadlines and family commitments, life can seem a bit overwhelming. When trying to get everything done, no matter how old you are, the anxiety never seems to go away. Anxiety seems to have control over us, and as you get older it causes numerous health problems. That is why it is so important to make sure you have time to make for yourself and wind down.

While trying to juggle all of the numerous items listed on our daily to-do lists or all of the deadlines coming up, focus on slowing down and taking your time to do each task effectively. Forget about the fast paced culture and just worry about doing the best that you can. Once you do that, you can not worry about the rest.

Make time to do your favorite things in the middle of all of the crazy. Watch Netflix, eat the Ben and Jerry's, hang out with friends and by doing this I promise you will do better on your assignments and make all the deadlines.